anyone ever fished big walnut off noe bixby

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  1. I was told to try Noe bixby near refugee. I went out there today because some lady said her daughter's boyfriend went out there all the time, and caught some big fish that was real nasty looking and had a lot of teeth. That sounded like my kind of fish! I drove over there but saw nothing, water was low, and I don't have waders to find the holes. Just curious what people catch, when and how. There are also a couple of deep ponds over there with a lot of fishing trash, but didn't spot anything so moved on
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    The fish was one of probably three things, in order of most likely to least likely.

    1. Longnose Gar: Big Walnut is FULL of them. They are nasty looking, and have a lot of teeth
    2. Saugeye/Sauger: Both species inhabit this stretch of stream. Prior to the 1999 destruction of a lower Big Nut lowhead dam, there were no sauger in this stretch. Since that time, there have been multiple sauger that have migrated from the West Virginia side of the Ohio River into Big Walnut and Alum Creeks to spawn. These fish are delicious to eat.
    3. Muskie: Highly unlikely, but possible. These, and large catfish are the apex predators in Ohio's waterways.

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    It had to be a Saugeye. I caught one over there myself a week or two ago on a pupmkinseed tube no less!:p Went about 12-14" and I also was catching Smallmouth with the same tube. Go figure!
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    The last time I fished Big walnut Creek was in 1972 while attending Walnut Ridge HS.

    I used to catch catfish, carp, smallmouth and rockbass where I-70 crosses the creek, although the I-70 bridge had only been there a few years at that point.

    Sorry I can't give a more recent (36 years old) report:)
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    Why do you play with everyone by planting Muskie and Saugeye dreams in their heads? You know that area doesn't produce anything but gar, carp, perhaps a few cigars, and a few stunted bass of all species....

    In all seriousness, I'd bet a nice chunk of change that it was a gar.
  6. hey I'd take any of those as long as they bite
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    LaMuth always said I had a very vivid imagination;)
  8. I'm betting the gar, there were a lot of those when I fished it as a kid, but it was also a class act for smallies and rock bass. Be careful parking close by to those ponds as a lot of peoplle that live in those apartments will break into your car.