Anyone ever fish Taylorsville Dam off US 40

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by shadesplace, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I was driving to a customer's house this week and drove past there. Looked like decent fishing during the spring. Anyone ever fish there? What's it like?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Tall cool one

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    E side there is an access where you can walk down and cast,saugeye in colder months but not much else most of the time ,an occaisional smallie or crappie.From the W bank it's all shallow mud. Downstream and up is better water but not by much. Not the most productive stretch of what is a good river for me.Just up from the dam is a deep hole that gets pounded hard,early in the season you may get something out of there but later it gets fished out. The stretch of water above the dam is some of the shallowest on that river and it does'nt hold much in the way of any decent game fish,mostly carp and suckers. A few saugies and smallies but nothing to talk about.TC1

  3. last fall i took my jon boat to the dam and trolled just below it and caught about 20 nice crappie all about 11 or 12 inches. The dam is very deep and does hold alot of fish, but its usually difficult to catch them
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    Below the dam, on the Huber side, there is a little point of land - downstream of that i've done well on crappie at times. (I think there is a tower with a cable car that the Conservancy uses to measure water flow.) On the Vandalia side below the dam, I've caught some saugeye on the bottom, but that's been years ago. You can catch some smallies and rock bass from there down to I-70.

    My favorite spot above the dam, is there is a gravel pulloff on 40 (I think there is a sign there, says Miami/Mtgmry Cty line), anyway you walk down a steep hill, you might catch smallies, channels, crappie, or occasional 'eye. Back in the '80's/90's, was fair for saugeye - i think at one time ODNR actually stocked some in the GMR, not just overflow fish from Indian.