Anyone ever build a boat?

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  1. Anyone on here ever build a wood/fiberglass boat? I'm thinking about giving it a shot. I just think it would be cool to have a boat that you built yourself. I'd be interested to hear any storys if anyone has done this before.
  2. Do you mean from sratch or Hull is already done.. we built our 16 foot from a 16 starcraft alumiun hull .. it was a great boat.. another OGFer boat off of us.. and still going strong....

    Use lots of silicon.. LOL.. Stainless steel nuts ans bolts ans screws..

    Dont forget a good bildge pump system.. and seat you seats in location that make sense...

    What do you have in mind??? and what type of fishing??


  3. I mean from scratch. Something about 14-16 foot like a small bass boat. Well more like a Jon with casting decks. I know it would be easier to find a cheap hull and work with that but I just think it would be so cool fish out of a boat I built totally from scratch. I've been looking around on the internet and I have a few ideas for the design. I would most likely use ply and then glass it. The other option is to learn how to weld Aluminum which I would love to go that route but I'm only moderately good with steel and from what I hear aluminum is way harder. This is most likely a pipe dream anyway but still something I'd love to do someday.
  4. Do you know if there are restrictions when making your own? I would assume they would do some kind of a seafety inspection prior to getting a licsence for it. You now have my wheels turning HAHA
  5. I've built a couple cedar strip canoes and a duck baot.

    At the time there was a boat building group (C.A.B.B.S.--cleveland amatuer boatbuilder society) that met in maple hts that was a group of builders.I weld aluminum for a living and i would buy a boat if i could find something close to what i wanted---it wont be very cost effective if you have to buy a decent tig machine (not a harbor freight machine) and learn how to use it.

    There was a paperwork registration to get a hull number from the state for a homebuilt boat before you could get your OH numbers but there wasnt any seaworthy inspection at least for my canoes.
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  7. talk to pumpupthebass he built his own and works great on ladue, made it out of wood