anyone ever been to mn ice fishing?

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    We fished a ways north of where you are going a few years ago around the end of January at Lake of the Woods. Minnesota fishing is awesome. We had a tough 4 days that trip as the high temp was -5 the entire time. We had one night where the actual temp was -47. Needless to say that slowed the fishing down a bit but we caught several and had a great time. The only irratating thing was the slot limit (maybe just a Lake of the Woods thing). We could keep no fish between 17 1/2" to 29". That left us with a bucket full of 15" fish each day. They failed to let us know about that little fact before we drove all the way there. Otherwise we had a perfect time. Perhaps the inland lake you will be fishing will offer more species than Walleye, nothing wrong with Walleye thats just all was there to catch where we were.
    Good luck and have a great trip.

  2. i fished the north american ice fishing championship twice in alexandria, mn. alot smaller lakes than what you are going to but i will tell you every lake that i fished there was better than the last one. it was undoubtably the best panfish/walleye action i have ever seen through the ice. have not found a lake around here that has as good of icefishing as the worst lake i fished there. both times i went it was the second week of december. and like papa said we had alot of-20 to -40 degree temps and that was without a windchill.
  3. ...YES...Every ice fisherman should go to fish at least once in his lifetime..Some years ago a working buddy and I went...He had a son-in-law that lived at Fort Ripley..South of Brainard...Most ice was 30 in.thick..One week we fished Mille Lacs and Leech Lake...Rented an ice house for one day..from Ivan's Resort...a 24 hr..Rental..Like being in a hotel room...Bunk beds , stove , table & chairs.....Caught Perch , Waleye, Northerns, Gills...And eelpout...Temp. never went above 10 below the whole time we were there...The only thing I did not like was you had to have your regulations with you all the time to know what the limit was ..on the lake you were fishing...Found out the son-in-law was the Nephew of the Owner of Larson Boat Co. in Little Falls Minn...AS I SAID EVERY ICE-FISHERMAN SHOULD GO THERE AT LEAST ONCE IN HIS LIFETIME...C.L...
    P.S. Came home to 7 in. ice week later it was gone...
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    I’m from little falls and most of my relatives retired or worked for Larson/crestinler boats...I moved away when I graduated high school and joined the military, but make a few trips a year there to ice fish mille lacs, leech, winnie and red lake...cant beat it you will have the time of your life.
  5. ....Your right Wes..I had the time of my life...What I enjoyed was how they keep a person excited about what they are doing...Every Gas station ..convt. store had a section set aside with Ice fishing gear...And pulling fish up through the ice was like pulling them up through a stove pipe.......C.L....:)
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    I am going to lake of the woods the first week of February, can't wait my first time was 4yrs ago. What a great time. We are lucky to have relatives there that have all the equipment for us to use. Not looking forward to the long drive though.
  7. ...Howdey...Your right about the long drive...The few times we went up...left around 6ish in the there the next morning..Two drivers...And we only went up to south of Brainard..your going more north...But had the time of my life...Don't know which I enjoyed more fishing the Niagara River or Ice Fishing Minn...Be careful and have a safe trip....C.L....
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