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Anyone else fed up with NFL player conduct?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by CoolWater, May 28, 2007.

  1. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    After watching a story on espn today about Michael Vick... I'm just fed up. Granted he is innocent until proven guilty - but lets see... the facts aleady - having 66 dogs at this residence, many having wounds, a dog fighting pit with blood stains....

    Then on top of it, other players like Portis defending him and acting like its no big deal even if he was doing it (dog fighting).

    Over and over... these people make so much money and are complete idiots.

    I'm sick of "I had to shoot my gun in the air at 3 AM outside of a strip club - I was being targeted to fight because I'm a pro athlete"... "I was pulled over because I was being profiled (don't mention you were driving 105 MPH)"...

    I love to watch pro sports but I'm finding it more and more increasingly easy to not watch and grab a fishing pole instead.

    On a personal note - I'm not buyng anything officially licensed by the NFL until Vick is out of the league...

    Thanks all... I really needed to vent
  2. true2plue

    true2plue TEAM BATO!!

    It is just pathetic how these athletes live their lives. They just don't seem to understand that whether they choose to be a role model to kids etc... it is not an option. They are people that are looked up to in every aspect of life, on the field and off. These athletes with THUGGISH attitudes must be weeded out to save the integrity of all sports!!!!!!!!

  3. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    The more money they get the worse they act ! It's not just NFL players though. It's most entertainers.
  4. smallie

    smallie smallmouth icon

    if i was a pro athlete, even making league minimum, i would be so quiet that they would have to look on the roster to see if i really belong on the team. these so called athletes get me sick.
  5. I defended these guys for years when they made mistakes by saying they were we just a microcosm of society but finally got fed up with it all when Bengals got inspired by the Longest Yard and decided they wanted to go to Jail and show the prison guards how to play football. I looked online really quick and the percentage of players that have been arrested is anywhere from 12-20% depending on whose numbers you want to believe but even at 12% its sick and inexcuseble. These guys on average play less than 4 years and in that time they cant manage to keep clean? My thinking is that the problem stems from years of being pampered and given special treatment in high school and in college where everything from bad grades to underage drinking, drug use and criminal activity is swept under the rug. I'm guessing that the media spotlight that these guys have on them when they reach the NFL is only strong enough to expose a small percentage of the cases where these guys arent getting preferential treamtent. At the end of the day I cant figure it out....keep it clean and play football for a average of less than 4 years...NOT HARD! I'm not a saint by a longshot but if I had a multi million dollar carrot in my face I could sure manage to play the part for at least 4 years. You would think that the circumstances alot of these guys came from would be a motivating factor for them to keep clean but its obvious that alot of them are too concerned about poppin some MOET at the "club"...IDIOTS.
  6. Bottom line...playing a sport is a PRIVILEGE, NOT a RIGHT!!
    Just because someone is a better athlete doesn't give them dispensation from appropriate behavior and/or following rules. You're starts WAY before the pro level. Years ago, about 6 of our kids' basketball team were caught at a drinking party...they were suspended for ONE game, & the kid who smelled of beer but didn't have one was suspended for a HALF! I objected strongly & told the Principal that if those boys had lost a year of ALL sports, a very strong message would have been sent. As long as we continue to "look the other way" when an outstanding athlete does something wrong, the problem will continue.

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