anyone drillin' holes???

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  1. i know the club ponds are safe but want to get out elsewhere!!! dont care much for atwood but i think ill take the 15 min drive and have a look!!! would like to hear about piedmont without taking the hour drive...did ok there a few weeks ago and if it gets good again i think it will be HOT action...tappen is also hot late ice!! will let you know what i find...
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    Hey Wave,
    I'll bet there will be several by this weekend. Our temps here are at 16 now and dropping. That was our high!! Looks like it will be here all week. I may get out Friday if the ice at Buckeye is good. I have a good source that keeps me up to date by the minute. ( My brother lives there:p )
    Looks like we'll have at least one more good outing soon.

  3. boy that was depressing!!!! atwood is WIDE open from the dam launch on 212 as far as the eyes could see!!! all the small ponds on the way were open also???!!!! even the flooded cornfields were open!!!!! well the club may have to do!! i'll check some more lakes later in the week...
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    I was surprised by the amount of open water too. Mirror lake on OSU's campus was 50% open and it is only 3 ft deep with a concrete bottom. If it isn't safe I can't imagine that anything is.