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  1. I recently found out about Fernbank park west of Cincinnati along River Rd. and like the looks of it (as far as access and safety etc..). What I do not know is basically how to fish this area.

    I have never really spent much time fishing big rivers for big fish. The closest I have come is on the GMR catching 5 lb channel cats.

    I went down to the park one night last week and of course the current was really humming. I tried to hold my bait down with 5 ounces of no roll and bank sinkers to no avail.

    I plan on using a basic slip rig with no roll sinkers. What should I plan on as far as weight to keep the bait down during a normal day (as far as current goes)?

    For bait I figure chicken liver will work for channels and maybe stripers. I have a few bags of frozen creek chubs (some up to 7" long), will these work for flats or should I try and bring a bucket of bluegills?

    I have a trip booked with Josh Mullis in July and I am hoping to pick up lots of info for fishing off the boat from him but chances are most of my fishing will be done from shore.
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  5. fish down towards the marina area (fore&aft) on the rocks it is hard to find a good place to cast but they are there. I got checked a few years ago fishing from the bank there by a state guy that just checks creels he told me that he has seen some of the biggest shovelheads on the river caught in this area i always did good with shrimp. be fore we got our boat my son and a friend caught 10 shovels in a night there we would always catch nice channells and blues one other thing dont forget the mesquito repellant and dont park in the park after i think it is 10 oclock they will definitely give you a ticket you can park in the lot to the right before you turn into the park.good fishing.