Anyone been to eastbranch???

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lunder, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone been by the lake lately? Does it have water in it or do you have to bring your own? Thinking of heading out there this week.
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    I drove by it on Saturday. Plenty of water. Hope to hit it myself this weekend if I can get away for a few hours.

  3. is that place even worth going to anymore for bass? after the low water and amish killing it lately im wondering if i should forget it even exists
  4. its not bad if you like catching white bass & crappie that are 4-6" long...
    Did see a 30" plus pike in the shallows last year.
    That same trip we were going for the majestic channel cat with big chubs... wouldn't ya know it- all we caught were bass! One was close to 16".
    I sure do miss the old East Branch- great pike & crappie action right off the causeway, place used to be lined with people.
  5. I used to love East Branch.
    Back in the 60s and early 70s, whether in a rowboat, or fishing from the causeway, in spring or early summer, there was always a chance to get into a big bite. Very large carp, great catfish, very nice pike, LMB aplenty, and some of the best crappie fishing I ever had.
  6. planning on going there tomorrow with my dad and brother in the early afternoon. ill post how we do.
  7. sounds like ishould stick with ladue
  8. well... fished east branch today. nothing to write home about at all. fished for about 3 hours and only caught one largemouth, one crappie, one yellow perch, and 3 or 4 white bass. not sure if the water isn't warm enough yet or what.
  9. Put over 8 hour of fishing into it in the past 3 days, nothing.
  10. think that has to do with the water being down last year or amish keeping everything they catch:rolleyes:
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    Fished for a few hours on Saturday with nothing to report. Back to LaDue I think.
  12. I went yesterday to East B for about 4 hours, tried all my past "hot spots" with no luck, even drifted with curly tail jigs by the dam & trolled with some small shad raps.... nothing. I don't mind getting skunked but what concerns me (and confirms that I won't go back there for a long time!) is that even drifting quietly into the shallows didn't help... we tried tiny hair jigs and tiny rapala's- nothing. In the past that would always get something started for us....Really wanted the little lady to catch a bluegill at least- Geez, I didn't see ANY baitfish/minnows anywhere either.