Anyone been to east harbor?

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  1. I'm thinking about a trip to east harbor next weekend and was wondering if anyone has had any success there recently.
  2. Today, fished the harbor- 6 hrs 4 fish 4 missed-- headed to the marina points around mazurik-- Caught a couple--- Most were small 12-14 inches....topwater-cranks-plastics. Headed home and went to edgewater!! 12 fish 2 pound average, 3 hours. Cranks and plastics.. 3 guys on the boat today! So i would say the fishing was not that great in the harbor...

  3. Ive had great success in the habor. Out on the causeway when shorefishing great for catching channel cat and bullhead..plenty of carp and bass around also!
  4. I was there last Wednesday. I had never fished it so I didn't know what to expect. Caught about a dozen largemouth in about 1 1/2 hours. No size to any, but was better than the smallmouth fishing on the lake. Caught them in the channel going out to the lake on spinners and tubes. Also caught them in the grass on a floating worm. I was surprised at how many weeds there were and how shallow the harbour was. There was good current in the channel going out to the lake.
  5. stayed at east harbor state park last week with the family. Got out 2 evenings and 1 morning. (wed/thurs). Didnt do as well as crazy4smallmouth, but still got into some largemouth. First trip there also. biggest fish was 16". All fish came on senkos in the weeds, then on drop shot (rigged weedless) when the winds came up. Did have one missed fish on a frog. Didnt fish the frog enough in the early/late hours, just fished it the last evening, made about 10 casts, missed that one, but had to go in (family).

    I was also suprised at how shallow it was and the amount of weeds. I would recommend the weed edges and pockets, thats where most of our fish came from. If you find an area with weeds near a dropoff (say 4 feet to 6-8), you will probably be onto some fish.

    I fished the channel with spinnerbaits and a drop shot without success.

    My wife caught the biggest fish (on a senko). Its been even harder living with her since :D LOL.

    If the weather cooperates for you, the fish may really turn on due to the cooler weather. The surface water temp was around 77 deg. just about everywhere I fished. Good Luck.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys. From most everyone I've been talkin to, the channel goin to the lake is the best area for both size and numbers. Unfortunately I'm probably not gonna make this weekend due to my fishin partner being in the hospital. Maybe next weekend though.