Anyone been to Alum fishing from shore

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  1. No one has written anything about alum creek reservoir recently. I was hoping to get out tomorrow and fish the shoreline. What have people been catching there. I just was wondering if it was worth my time. The boat's put away and I'm just itching to keep fishing but standing on the ice is not my thing. Thanks in advance for any info
  2. howard road has been giving up lots of crapies friend of got 40 over week end minnows 2 ft at the most. under brige
    seems to be best spot lol 9to 13 in. fish. to cold for me

  3. Have not been fishing there, not even sure of the water level. Going up tommorrow night to check on our waterfowl blind. The season comes back in saturday morning, so you want to be carefull where you shore hunt it after saturday.
  4. They are letting more water out at the spillway today.Its about 8 inches below the sidewalk.
  5. Interesting. Alum is now 6' below winter pool and dropping. Maybe they fixed that busted pump that feeds Hoover. :confused:
  6. water level below sounds just about right for the eyes anybody fished it since the rise?
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    They are feeding hoover as we speak. One of the pumps is busted though, you are correct.