Anyone been fishing the Ottawa (Putnam County) Reservoir?

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  1. If so, what are you using and how did you pan out?
  2. I saw a guy having some success fishing for crappies with minnows. I drove 15 miles (one way) for minnows and caught one little crappie. Besides, it was hot and miserable. Happy father's day.

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    Was up there about a month ago and got skunked. I think I was late because all I caught were those annoying green sunfish. They like warmer water than bluegill and crappie. In the years I've fished Ottawa it seems like the crappie and gills move up shallow and spawn and then zoom off to deeper water. I always see a lot of guys fishing the SW corner. I always fish the north side and have had good results. One of my biggest saugeye came off the north bank about 10 years ago. I keep threatenig to go up there at dusk and casdt from shore for saugeye. I don't think the "park" is open past dark though? Like all the other small reservoirs in Ohio there is no info whatsoever on these in the paper or otherwise. For the ODNR trying to recruit fishing, they certainly could do better in providing info on these smaller bodies of water and not just the Maumee, Indiam, St. Marys,etc.