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Anybody work on the oil fields.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bugtussel, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. bugtussel

    bugtussel Banned

    Back in the 70's it was a great way to make bux on school breaks. Anyone know how much capped oil we have between montana, thru Utah and the Dakotas we still have in reserve? We hit bottom hole, capped and set up on a new site. I worked siesmic expo for awhile. We have vast untapped fields. Now we are competing with expanding 3rd world interests on daily supplies. Useage/price up-plus Bob taft. Have fun.
    Btw-who is our major figure that is vested in oil? Prices up? No more chance of re=election. Maybe our oil might be worth selling, when we get the numbers up.

  2. a fellow Doodlebugger! Who did you work for. I worked for Petty-Ray which them became Geosource. I worked mostly North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and surrounding area from 77 to 80. I was seismic observer on Noe Martiniz's crew.

  3. bugtussel

    bugtussel Banned

    Started with RL Manning, in Evanston, Wo. Same time frame. Off and on during school breaks thru 1979.
  4. I worked around Evanston several times.
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