Anybody see ice remaining after yesterdays warm rain ?

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  1. I know of a place that was completely frozen over 2 weeks ago with thin ice wich gave it 2 weeks of freezing to get thicker so it should have taken longer to melt off. Ive been tossing around the idea of going to check on it today to see if any of the ice survived. Its doubtful but if some remains in other places then its a good possibility, just curious if anybody has seen any today.
  2. nevermind....I just read a report on about the irish hills michigan area that said the ice is nearly gone there after having fishable ice for a few days. I think its safe to say its all back to square one. Looking at the weather forecast for the next 5 days it wouldnt really matter if any was left it will all be gone soon anyway :(

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    ice is all gone. if your really itchin to get out you can always go to the bass pro the 12 13 14. Sounds pretty lame but i was just there and they are haveing an ice fishing contest on their "ice pond" this weekend. not sure if its plexiglass "ice" or what but i guess ill find out. i guess there is a kids (5-15) contest friday 6-9 sat and sun 10-5. they get 10 minutes, and top 20 get starter ice fishing kit. adults (16 and up) fri 8-9 sat and sun 3-5 you get 5 minutes. if you catch a fish you enter your name in grand prize drawing. only one entry per adult. i guess worst case atleast i'll get out of the house for a minute.
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    Still have ice on my pond... thought it was all melted but was just hiding under inch of rain. If anything melted, won't take long to freeze again. Weather Ch says 45 and sunny on saturday... thats still awhile off though. Wish it would stay one way or the other.
  6. The smaller ponds are still ice covered around me.
  7. as of early afternoon today norwalk reservoir was still ice covered completely