Anybody run planer mast or rod holders out of....

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    ....holes for where the seats go in?

    Got a new boat coming in, thinking of just getting the same type of mounting base that I have for my removable seats, and adapting a 3 rod, rod holder on the one in the middle of the back of the boat and one for the seat base, where a seat can go in the front of my boat, and run a planer mast off of that...I'd have to rig it myself, but thinking I can go ahead and get the bases and do it that way...these would go where the front and back seats are shown on the link I attached.

    Anybody else do this, or any other suggestions??

    I'm also running a 4' track system down the sides for rod holders, and to hold down riggers (to be able to take them off/on, depending on the trip) on as well , if I end up getting them, which I probably will.

    Here is a link to the photo of the boat I'm getting.

    thanks for the help and suggestions.
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    you might want to look at these.i bought one last year and i really like it.i have a monark 17' pro and it really works out well.
    btw,the only bad part with the monark is keeping all of that carpet clean.i'm debating on removing the carpet from the floor and replacing it with vinyl.outside of that i really like the boat!

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    You can buy the seat base attachment for a big board mast, but as you know they pull like a Mack truck, I would never alone trust "just" the seat base to keep your mast in it's place (your windshield will thank you maybe passengers as well) I have the same type of seat base and was considering buy a mast but not sure yet, however after alot of thought the way to do it would be to use 2 or 3 ratchet straps attached to the mast with eye bolts screwed into the mast, then use the ratchet straps hooked to your cleats on the bow area of your rig, I would think 2 off to the side cleats and one to a center (bow) cleat and your mast will be in place and strapped back nice and firm after ratcheting it tight you should have no problems at all, easy to dissconnect as well when you want to put the cover on the rig.

    For the hold holders I would continue to use your tracks on the side of the boat and leave the back open for people and netting, fighting fish etc. Running the fold and troll would not be idea (although a great one for bass boats etc) having rod holders on your gunnels is the ideal place for them for pulling lines of the big board tow line, inline planers, bottom bouncers and dispey divers, alot of flexibility when running them off the sides.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'm pretty sure that Lundy runs a big board mast out of the seat base in his Lund.
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    I used to run a Big Jon mast out of my front seat base, worked just fine for what it was.

    I now run a Rivera collapsible mast mounted on the front deck by the trolling motor. The quick disconnect base, the collapsible design, spring loaded reels, and 7' height make it mucho nice. The storage and install and removal is the easiest I have every seen.

    The higher you can run your lines the better especially from a smaller boat.
  6. I have a '02 monark 190 king. I had the same idea about a planer board mast in the front. Found a company that actually had a mast that would fit in and was told it would be no promblem. Well when i looked into it futher I was told not to do it because the bigger boards will put to much stress on the seat mounts in the floor and the were not made for that. The pull could rip the mount out of the floor. I would contact either Vic's or Monark themselves. I LOVE MY BOAT.
  7. Makes for a great net holder and works for the in-line boards.
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    Appreciate the replys, I think once I get my rod holders in the tracks, I may not need the one on the back.....will wait til I get out there, appreciate all the feedback