Anybody make their own sinkers?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubbathegimp, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Just getting back into fishing after my long work induced hiatus I was appalled at the price of sinkers at the local retail stores! $3.19 for a bag of 3 3/4oz bell sinkers?

    Hunted around and found my old palmer bell sinker mold and it was in pretty bad shape from long/poor storage.

    Broke down and got some new molds (Do-IT)brand along with a Lee hot pot. The hot pot sure makes a difference compared to melting lead in a soup can on the electric stove and pouring it with a pair of pliers :)

    now I have the bell, river, egg, and 2 different split shots to play with. Not to mention soft lead is only 75 cents a pound. Already got a old friend of mine in cincy involved and have produced over 35 pounds of sinkers. :)
  2. Where are you getting soft lead for 75 cents a pound?

  3. Scrap yard here local. big crate box full of what looks like some kinda sheeting previously attached to drywall?? by the looks of the paper scraps attached to it along with the occasional bits of chalk.

    bought 53 pounds for about 40bux
  4. I have been doing my own for 3-4 years and even selling some for $$ to buy more molds. I have 2 egg sinker production molds, hair jig mold, bank sinker mold, ans 2 split shot molds so far. A word of caution make sure you are working in a well ventilated area, those lead fumes can make you sick. I limit how many hours I pour a week even with good ventilation.
  5. And unlike others limit how many beers you consume in the process, its always the lead that made him sick never the 14 honey poop beers.:rolleyes:
  6. Don't make fun of me for drinking quality beer while you drink that horse urine. Gator says you drink like, oh never mind.:)
  7. Sure makes it easier if things are well lubricated....the mold i mean..yeah thats it the molds !! :p