anybody know if they icefish much lake rupert in vinton co?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by fishmaniac, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. fishmaniac

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    heard there are Y perch in rupert? anybody saugeye fish it through the ice? is it relatively clear water usually? enough pike in there to bother really? hoping peon might see this i know he lives down that way...any other info re good spots to icefish this lake is GREATLY appreciated!:)
  2. Lundy

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    I haven't ice fished Lake Rupert in 20 years.

    We used to ice fish it quite a bit with tipups and large suckers for pike. We used to catch quite a few nice pike through the ice on the shallow end of the lake. I don't know if there are even any pike left in that lake.

    The panfish we caught, and we caught bunches, we small but helped kill time during the day when the Pike were not going.

    Sorry I don't have any more recent information. I don't think a 20 year old ice fishing report will help you much:)

    The thing I remember most is a bar/tavern near there that had the biggest pork tenderloin sandwiches I've ever seen anywhere. The guys with me would go over at lunch and bring me one back.