Anybody having luck at CJ?

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  1. I fished CJ for 3 hours on Sunday morning and got skunked. Guys at the dock coming off the water the same time had the same luck as I. Anybody doing any good this week?
  2. Was out Tuesday night with the wife and kids bank fishing and caught 14 white bass 4 crappies,2 smallmouth and 1 largemouth. The WB were between 8 and 12". One SM was about 13" and so was the LM. Haven't been there since but I think the bite is starting. Seen quite a few small crappies being caught in the Marina area. Gonna try and get out tomorrow or Sunday. Good luck!!......Dan

  3. Went out this morning, first time in 3 or four weeks. Picked up 4 nice eyes between 8 and 10 am. A 19", 22", 25" and 28". Nicest group of fish I've caught all year. Got them on a vibe in 19 to 22 feet of water. They just shut off after 10am. Don't know why, they must be feeding heavly. The big one had a half digested perch and a fresh 5 inch bluegill in it's gut. Tried some of the shallower flats and humps, 9 to 13 ft, between 6:30 and 8am and again towards noon but could not raise anything.
  4. Tried it again this morning. Pretty much the same pattern as Sunday only not as nice a catch. A 15,16,17 and 28 inch eyes along with a 7-8 pound cat.
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    2 28's?
    Where dem pix at ;)
    I'll be out this weekend if ya want a report pm me Monday
  6. Today was my last vacation day so hit CJ one more time with a friend. I think it was the hardest we ever worked for three fish since I started learning how to fish the lake. We fished for 8 1/2 hours and didn't get the first eye until after 12. They varied in depth, 10', 15', 21' all on vibes. The water is down almost 2 feet, don't know why the Corp. can't wait until November to drop it. When was the last time we had flooding in October or November ?
  7. Anybody have a clue why there isn't a better fall bite on cj? Most walleye lakes really catch fire in the fall. I've had sporadic luck there in the fall but it seems you should really be able to get into them. I know they are there and seem to be schooled up and should be feeding heavily but the damn things don't bite like you'd hope. appreciate any imput.
  8. Maby it is the change in water level combined with the wild temperature swings we seem to get these days. It takes the Corp most of October to drop the level to winter pool and I have never tried it in November when things settle down. I usually put the boat away by the end of Oct. I know the water temp was about 3 degrees higher last Friday than it was on Monday the 6th. Wish I could figure it out, it would save me the extra 40 miles for a round trip to Indian Lake
  9. Tried CJ Tuesday from 10-4, one 16" eye and assorted mistakes (cats, crappie, white bass ...)
  10. Went yesterday (10/18) to the Marina where I had good luck late Spring --- not 1 crappie, but a couple dink small mouths that fought like they were 5 lber's and a dink white bass.
  11. I was there after work for about an hour or so with no luck. The lake was fairly calm and I only saw a couple of other boats which was a nice change. Another boat coming in said they had a couple of small crappies.