anybody have a cheap vise?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Janus, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Starting to "dabble" very lightly in fly tying and have a bobbin and some nice scissors but no vise. Actually have been trying to lock forceps on the hook and jam the forceps vertical in a roll of duct tape...(not as complicated as it sounds.) I'm looking a bargain basement beginner no bells and whistles vise to hold the hooks. If anyone has one lying around that they have lying around want to get rid of let me know. I really don't know if I will stick with the fly tying and can't invest in another obbsesive facet of this sport right now.
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    Well Idon't but you you can pick up an cheap off the wall brand that will work better than what you are attempting to do. You pick up a a good vise for a 1000 buck easily. Look in Cabelas as they have some and I know Gander has some vises to.

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    I got mine at Gander for around $24.00. this included the entire kit also. Nice set up for tying flys or dressing up small jigs heads we use for smallies.
  4. I have one for you. Send me a pm.
  5. I have one I will give you when I get back in March
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    All of my vices are very expensive. Ohhhh......vises!