Anybody Fishing?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by nwfish, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if anyone is fishing right now and if you are having any luck?
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    ven't had the time with basketball the time change and the weather :( Really Sucks!

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    Too busy chasing deer to fish.:!
  4. Im planning to , right now Im working on trying to catch minnows with a homemade minnow trap. I definately need to go with store bought traps.
  5. I went perch fishing Friday and didn't catch any.:S My buddy tried for some steehead and said he is only catching a few here and there. I think I might try for some this weekend, if I am not pheasant hunting.:p
  6. I head down to Sandusky Bay everyday around 4:15 near Damon's and fish the walls and docks that are open with long pole and small lighter colored jigs.

    For the most part, around 6 to 13 keepers till about 6:15 p.m. then it shuts down. Have to keep moving to get the good ones, but each day the numbers start to add up.

    Last night fishing in 6 feet of water a walleye hit and nearly pulled the pole from my hand. Not Big but nice eater. Still seems like they are arriving somewhat late this year, but I'm smiling just the same.

    Hope everyone still gets one to two trips in yet.

  7. i made it out on sat. for steelhead with no luck
    on sunday me and 2 buddys got our limit with the smallest at 23'' and the biggest at 26'' and alot of other nice fish 30 in all
  8. JimG what were you catching if you don't mind me asking? Fished Sandusy my whole life and I only fished Damon's once or twice.
  9. Still pounding the gills, this is the best time of the year to fish. Will stay right on them and when the water turns hard, well then will drill for them. And the sooner the better. That cold water produces the best eating fish I ever tasted. Them fish are really putting on the feed bag this time of year.
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    If you pay attention to any of his great posts you will notice he is the CRAPPIE MASTER! Note crappie ;)