Anybody Fishing Portage Lakes today, Sat 1/12?

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  1. ... Just wonderin' if anybody is wetting a line on Portage Lakes today Sat 1/12either by boat, dock or shoreline?

    For bait, Fisherman's Shack on S. Main St is opened almost all the time. Did hear Lakes Bait & Tackle on Manchester Rd is closed. Manda's has only been opened periodically. T's (formerly E's and T's) has reopened on Long Lake with the former owner taking it over again.

    I'm not a soft water fisherman, but only go out when I can walk on it.

    I've seen guys shoreline fishng next to the Kiwana's Bldg all week long, but havent stopped by to see how they fared.
  2. EJH


    Is T's going to have the ice fishing tournament this year?

  3. I havent spoken to T. I'd imagine he'd have it if the tourney was a success in years past.
  4. im glad to see T is back thats my buddy....he has alot of good knowledge about the sure if hes open he will have a ice tourney or 2 i know he usually has one during the day and then like the next week he will have one at night... they are a blast...guys have been fishin behind the kiwanis for a month or two they must be doing pretty well cuz folks are there fishin everyday. i think they catch crappie back there in that little inlet.
  5. Robert Woodson

    Robert Woodson Woody in Akron

    I fished Saturday and Sunday (in that wet snow). Didn't know that "T" was back...that would be good news; he kept things going pretty well and hosted a number of benefits and tournaments. For those wanting to know where else to get bait, the Pipe Rack on Manchester Rd. at Wilbeth is another place, always open for baits, tackle, and maybe some information too.
    The Kiwanis property actually accesses two different tributary channels, the Crappie fishing has been spotty this last week or so and seems to be producing more Bluegill right now then anything else...the fish move up and down the channels on their own schedule. Some fellows are talking about NImisilla now for Crappie.
    Good Fishing,
    Woody in Akron