Anybody Fishing Hybrids?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by paston1, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone was fishing for Hybrids AKA Wipers? If so where and what are you throwing?
  2. Kiser Lake has hybrids.

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    Ohio River, but not this time of the year. I have never had any luck during the cold weather and I have fished the big O for the past few years. Starts back up good in march and only gets better. I go behind the dams and throw a 10' surf rod with 2 or 3 oz spoons, large plugs and things like that. Large rooster tails(white) are great too as well as jerk baits and jig&grubs. Kiser is about the same distance from me as the ohio so I would much rather prefer to go there. Heard buckeye lake and east fork also have them but I have never fished either body of water.
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    OR w/ the flies I tie. Smaller has been better recently,gettting the big fish on 1 1/2-2" shad imitations. Yesterday river was up 2'+ so I had to switch to chartreuse so they could see it but still did OK,TC1
  5. Where is Kiser Lake? I live 10 minutes from East Fork and have heard tell of Hybids in there but I havent talked to anyone that fishes there yet. Anyone fish over there?
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    i have had some luck at east fork for hybrids in the spring. i just look for the baitfish and the hybrids aren't far behind.
  7. kiser lake is on st.rt.235 west of it has a good population of hybrids. the last 2 years they quit stocking hybrid and went to regular stripers.the lake itself is approx.380 acres.its spring fed and no motors.
  8. From what I've heard, Kiser is stocked with male stripers only as part of the hybrid program. Seneca has both males and females.
  9. I fish Kiser quite a bit in the early spring. Great lake for crappie and bluegills. When they aint hitting a big chicken liver about a foot off the bottom works great. If you have a jon boat you will be able to find them alot easier.
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    Don`t waste your time at kiser or eastfork till the water gets to about 58 degrees. The fish in the river will bite its slow but you can catch some fish.
    Try down sizing your bait and stick to high percentage areas. I catch then fishing minnows for sauger from time to time also.So think slow think small and think bait maybe?Thats my two cents!