anybody fish skeeter/west branch fri?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bountyhunter, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. just can;t quit, anybody get out fri.
  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Fished Edgewater yesterday after work.

    Thinking real hard about WB right now. You game?

  3. Jig will be there (WB) this afternoon. I hope to join him but may have some family commitments. If you guys go, let us know. We'll look for you.
  4. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    What does JIG's boat look like?
  5. It's a 16' Fisher. I'm heading out now to the dam ramp.
  6. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    Is Jigs an Avenger? What color? I have a tan & green 2001 Fisher Avenger with a 60hp Merc. Being that I also own one, I was just curious about his. You don't see many Fishers on the water.
  7. bounty....this is a sickness and you got it bad.

    the good news is .... far as i can tell it won't kill you.... long as you stay smart and warm.

    git out there and catch something.

    please.....tell us about it in detail. aches keep a lot of people off the water
    during the cold.

    maybe next yr we can fish together.

    keep at it bounty
  8. your right ,its a sickness , and my back hurts like the dickens , BUT ,I figure everyday I:M fishing the devil doesn;t no where I:M at .and I get one more day to right my obituary. LOL jim. yep were going . in the spring ,
  9. This was totally wrong. I was in a hurry and thinking of another boat. lol He has a 14' and I can't think of the make right now. Must be CRS. Oh yeah, we fished yesterday from about 1530 til 2200. Not much going on. Marked some fish and bait but no takers.
  10. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I think I saw Jig and MacMac trolling from the dam. Does Jig have a white 14' with a green stripe all the way up the side of the boat with a white motor?
    If so I waved at you guys but I didn't want to drive up to you while you're trolling.
    I marked alot of fish in the deeper water by the launch and a few by the dam in 45 fow but not much elsewhere. I fished from 12:30 to about 5:30.
    Sounded like the duck hunters were doing pretty good.

    I fogged the motor and will be bringing the batteries in the basement today. I'll probably be done with the boat unless we have open water and a nice warm day.
  11. glad you reported. my boats always ready .we get a nice day .we'll go .jim .