Anybody Drillin Holes

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Buckeye Mike, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Just curious to see if you have been on the new ice yet. I havent been yet, but going to check on a pond today.
  2. No drilling, but spudding! Should of brought the auger today, found some solid ice. Actually really surprised to see over 5 inches....

  3. will go check the ponds here shorlty...had 2"+ 2 days ago...will report back!!
  4. Called Mike at Mikes Bait an Tackle at Indian Lake, said he has gotten reports of 4 to 6'' of ice on Long Island and Black Hawk. No body has been fishing the Northfork side of LI, so no ice report from that side.

    I can believe the 4 '', 6 sounds like a little much, has to be some Old Ice in there.

    Also checked a local pond, and it only had 2.5'', ice was in good shape, but had 2'' of snow on top. SO BE SAFE OUT THERE.
  5. just got back...3-4" of weak crappy white ice!!! drilled 2 holes and left!!:(
  6. I heard today reports about two spots...

    Mogadore, East of Congress lake Rd. has 2" of ice... not good.

    Old State Park at Portage Lks had a good 5 inches of ice and some guys were fishing there.
  7. I tested my little pond today with the quad, made it across 6 times with no cracking. I'll drill sometime this weekend.
  8. Checked our ponds today and walked acrossed them and was jumping up and down like a fool and didn't fall in and didn't hear anything. Will take my auger tomorrow and check the thickness.................Rich
  9. Fished Old State Park last night. Ice was a hard solid 5-6" with 1-2" of crap (snow and slush) on top. Hopefully last nights temps hardened up all that slush. That would mean most of the ice out there should have been 6-7" out there today. I'll be out somewhere tommorrow but not sure where yet. Did not do very well last night. Saw a few small crappies caught. One guy had a monster 14.5" crappie that he had caught a few hours before I arrived. Once the barometric pressure drops a little the fishing will be good again.
  10. Just got back from wellington, fished on 5 inches of solid ice with 1 inch of white crust.Some areas looked somewhat sketchy but for the most part it was good to go. Managed a few crappie but they were finicky for the most part, one here one there...