Anybody been to Hatfield/McCoy in WV??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Wife and I are planning a little 4 wheelin trip this October and are looking at a couple of places to go. Hatfield and McCoy is one of them - in WV., the other is Majestic Trails in PA.

    We're thinking of making it about a 4 day trip..........and want to stay at a hotel, no camping! I want a hot shower and CABLE at the end of a long day of riding!! HA! Also would need a bar too..........Haha.

    Anybody been to either and can offer any comments or answer some questions for me???

  2. Check out for info on Hatfield/Mcoy. I have ridden there before. It is a failry easy drive from Dayton.

  3. Yeah - found that website.........just looking for info on there - hotels nearby, how it actually is.......etc. Thanks.
  4. My friends and I stayed at a Best Western in Danville. The closest trailhead was the Little Coal River or Waterways. It was about 10 minutes away. The trailhead has a large stone parking lot. The trails are decent with alot of beginner/novice trails and a few experienced. The trails themselves are mostly hard packed dirt with a few rocky areas and some decent hill climbs. The next closest trailhead is 50 miles away and is more rugged terrain. We didn't get a chance to ride there. Little Coal River trail system is designed more for family outings and is where they hold most of the ATV Jamborees. Hope this litte bit of info helps.
  5. Actually that helped out alot, thanks!

    I just booked our room (king size bed w/ jacuzzi tub - due to the fact I'm sure I'll be sore from riding all day for 3 days!!!!) at the Best Western in Chapmanville.......guess it's about 20 min or so from the Browning Fork trails. These seemed the most interesting to me - plus another guy said he'd just been there in the spring and had a blast!