Any winter action around Kent/Ravenna?

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  1. Hey, have any of you guys been out to the Milton spillway lately? I have never fished it in the winter, but now that hunting season is winding down, and Kent is off for Christmas, I'm getting rather stir crazy. I guess I'd also like to know if anything is going on anyhwere else around the Kent/Ravenna area.
    Thanks ahead of time!
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    I was at Milton a few days ago . It is to full of shad right now .

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    When i was at Kent State in the late 90's I used to catch a lot of bass at mogadore but not in the winter. Fall and spring mostly. I would walk the trail across from the baitshop and cast light weight carolina rigs with 4 and 6" lizzards out as far as I could and drag them back in. We caught a lot of bass and quite a few nice ones in the 2 to 4lb range but lots of 12 to 13 inchers. On windy days we would get a few on spinnerbaits along the laydowns. Just some info if you are a student like i was looking for a place to fish.
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    Not to sound dumb or anything but where exactly is the Lake Milton spillway located? also Where is Berlin Lakes spillway located? Thanks in advance.
  5. I was at Milton spillway on Wednesday at 3pm til dark. Nothing, but dead shad. I had on the waders and I ventured down stream hitting little holes along the way and never got bit. Needs a little more flow in my opinion and another two months.