Any whitebass report

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  1. any whitebass report at fremont??
  2. I betcha it'll be on like donkey kong by the end of the week. Caught one and saw some others yesterday in the Maumee.

  3. They won't be in full swing till the mid of May.
  4. Caught about 30 white bass yesterday...Fished from 7:00a to about noon it rained that morning. Still did good in the rain the bite is starting to pickup.
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    It shut down today... Low water-Low fish.... 2
  6. Wow...I hope it pickup again soon. but it was real nice yesterday.
  7. North where you fish at???

    I fished downtown on the rock by the bridge
  8. Hi all, we left home at 3am and got to fremont just in time for the rain. we decided to find a place to eat breakfast and then fish. we found a place called Billy's (I think) it was nice. the service was incredible! kinda expensive but wow the portions show why. :)

    anyway, we fished on and off all day long. 1 white bass, 2 perch (I think) my 7 yr old got a catfish, I caught a 5 lb carp (my 1st!) a sucker, a blue gill, hmm I think that's it. none the less we had a blast.

    I have to say this is my fav place to fish. I really enjoy the scenery and the people there are so friendly. There was a moment when my 10 yr old and I needed some assistance getting our fish off the hook and 3 guys stopped and helped us. TY who ever you are! Everyone is always so nice to us when we go there. we go once a year for the last 3 yrs. for the white bass. we went early this year. last year we had no luck but the year before we had a lot of luck.
    "the female of wildwoody's" :)
  9. Billys has great food. The owners are great friends of ours. It's the closest thing to eating in your own kitchen. Pull a stool up at the counter and talk to the sweat cook next time you're there.
  10. will do that. we got a business card while there. we have a company website and we try to talk about our adventures and we wanted to mention Billy's in the story. any time we find a "mom and pop" type place to eat we like to mention them. it was the only place we could find that was a nice sit down family place...other than a bob evans.

    I like the sign they had on the wall..The queen is not taking an audiance today.

    You should have seen the size of the hamburger. my daughter could not eat it all. I bet it was as big as the plate. I had to cut it in 4 pieces. she loved it.

    I had breakfast and well so did everyone else. I heard a guy sitting in front of us say that Billy's has the best pancakes in the town. I tatsed my other daughter's pancakes and they were real good!
  11. Did you guys see the picture on Gary's website of the 3 guys and a boat load of WB's??? That's just idiotic right there. What are 3 guys going to do with all those fish?? And you know that's not the only time they will be fishing. I definitely agree there should be a daily bag limit. Some are just abusing it and don't even care. Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. I just don't get people like that!!!
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    Wheres billys?
    We always go north for white bass.
    Is itat fremont or maummee?
  13. Pretty sure that picture is from a few years ago...but I 100% agree with you that there needs to be a limit...

    I see guys walking out with 200+ between them all the time. No way are they cleaning/eating all those fish...and half of 'em look spoiled anyways..
  14. mmmmmmm, spoiled white bass my favorite
    here is a copy of the picture from the maumee tackle web site

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  15. I called Ron`s store on that one. They are from a past season. Now that is a dandy picture.

  16. Ron - Do you mean Gary?

    I think you have him confused with the Ron "the Troller" :eek:
  17. Yes Warrior, I had a brain fart. I meant Gary. Not the other guy with the big Ugly Stick!
  18. Anyone find it ironic that their website has this pic and then has a diatribe on protecting the white bass?

    Me thinks they speak out of both sides of their mouth.