any whitebass action on hoover yet?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fish4wall, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. with deer season on i've been out of the loop on fishing.
    any news?
  2. SwollenGoat

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    I will let you know after Saturday! :D

  3. thanks sean let me know :)
  4. I caught two moderate sized whitebass in 15' of water trolling Friday afternoon on botoom bouncers and crawler harnesses but I have not been out in the morning lately to see if they are chasing the surface shad schools.
  5. I caught a wb in the ME section of the lake today. I trolled AC shiners for about 2 hours. The wb was the only fish i caught
  6. Spent most of yesterday casting hoover... no white bass but the crappie were out there.
  7. seethe303

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    agreed. small/medium crappie. no white bass yet. at least from shore.
  8. SwollenGoat

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    Scott, got a late start on Sat. - didn't get on the water till 8:30. Marked surface temps around 64-65 degrees. Took me a while to figure out where everything was, had to use my GPS to follow the depth contours and subtract 10-11 feet! Water is REALLY down quite a bit.

    Anyway, started off trolling and blanked...nothing...zilch. Noticed quite a bit of action near the shore and found a bunch of green carp had shad trapped up against a point. Caught around 10-12 of those in less than an hour. (Still fun to catch though.) Had to get off the water at noon due to son's football game. Didn't see any sign of WB in the middle section all morning....
  9. thanks for the info sean!!! and thanks to all who replied!!!
  10. starcraft

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    Not been out sinces Dads death in May. Making myself go today and give it a try my usual places let u know how the action was sounds like water still needs to cool off a bit but im ready to catch whatevas bitin:)
  11. starcraft

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    Quick report fished 4-5 hours caught 1 fish :p it was slowwwwww...... everywhere. Only fish that were active were gills:p Still a nice day fall colors really show on the lake in the trees.
  12. deeznumbnutz

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    caught a 7 lb 11oz...29 inch channel midday ....on my ultralight ..roadrunner with a 2 in shad tail..........10 minute battle....

    under schools of shad tuesday
  13. I got 4 WB yesterday afternoon trolling worm rigs. They were all pretty small but were in about 14ft of water and 2 of them had their mouths full of baby shad.