any where in northwest ohio have enough ice to fish yet?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ao203, Jan 19, 2008.

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    i live in bowling green and was going to try ice fishing this year. i've got the stuff i need and i'm getting anxious to go, so if there is anywhere in NW ohio with enough ice to go, let me know. looking for perch, crappie, walleye, but anything will be good now. thanks.
  2. That would be the only thing I'd even look at. IMO, it would be best to wait till about wednesday to try even the smallest stuff. If by chance you find any "safe ice", let us know.

  3. I know the weather is suppost to be really cold around 0 degrees later this week. Give it a couple days and if the weather stays like this there might be some ICE. If anyone has any updates on the maumee river that would be great. Thanks
  4. Checked my first ice spot again today. Shade over an inch. This place is usually safe a day or two before anything else.

    Few more days
  5. That's great news. I have a small private 1/4 acre pond that I'm allowed to take about 30-40 7"-10" gills from and all the bass I want from. Always pretty easy to catch too.:)
  6. if small ponds are a few days/half week off, how long for findlay res? If anyone has taken a look at findlay please let me know the conditions. Thanks!
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    I can't give a report for Findlay, but I can tell you that Van Wert Reservoir #1 (also an upground) was wide open as of about 4:00 Friday.
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    I will be swinging by Findlay Reservoir's in the a.m.
  9. 3" on my 1/3 acre pond tonight at 7pm. Should be 4" or more by morning.
  10. I went by Findlay res. last night and early this morning.....looks some ice on the big one #2 on the east side going out 15 0r 20 feet maybe but mostly open--------#1 looks to have more ice and closer to the boat ramp but since it was dark out and no light there, not to mention a sheriffs deputy checking me out like I was a drug dealer or somethin that early in the morning, I couldnt see how much ice
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    I checked a few spots in my vicinity this morning. Found approximately 4" on one farm pond, but was "discouraged" from drilling holes because the kids are using it for skating. The second farm pond had 3", should be great by the weekend. I also checked near the mouth of a creek that flows into the west end of Grand Lake St. Marys, and found 4". It's on!! :) I should add that the ice was good clear ice everywhere I checked.:G

    I don't really know if that spot on GLSM is any good anymore, but I plan on giving it a try tonight after the wife gets home from work. At least I have a place to drill some holes and wet a line until the ponds are ready!!
  12. 6 or 8 shanties on the back end of Mogadore(Palm Rd.)
  13. Does anyone ever fish in the little park area just south of 475 on river rd? I have been there in the spring just to mess around and caught some Large mouth there, wondered if anyone went there in the winter time through the ice. I'm sure it has enough ice on it by now.
  14. just checked New Washington res number three has 3.5 inches. Still a little thin for me. Maybe tomorrow.
  15. Fished Indian Lake today, good 5 inches of good Ice
  16. Me and 2 buddies fished a small 1/3 acre pond today. There was about 4" of clear ice, but it kept cracking so we only stayed for about 30-40 minutes. It wasn't just the sounds of expansion, it kept cracking loudly like a .22 going off. In that short period we did catch 13 Gills that went between 6"-8". Maybe I was just being a wimp, but that's the first time I got scared on the ice. Hell, I'll probably head back out there tomorrow.;)
  17. My Dad, a buddy, and myself fished the same pond today for 1.5 hours and kept 51 gills. I managed 1 fish Ohio that went 9.5". All the rest were roughly 6-7". We released about a dozen that were over 7". I kept the fish Ohio and a couple other bigger ones that swallowed the hooks. I'll post pics tomorrow. Poker night tonight:D