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  1. my dad is coming up the last weekend of march and he is bringing his boat.

    can you guys give me any suggestions on where to go to catch some hybrids at that time?

    i was thinking the mouths of the tribs on the oh river would be best but not sure which ones to try.

    or maybe go below any of the dams. should we troll below the dams?

    when can you start to catch them on ef lake? will they be running up the river out of the lake then?

    any other suggestions would be great. we just want to catch fish after getting only 2 smallies at dale hollow the weekend of the blizzard.

    thanks for the help.
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    I would suggest the Ohio River and its tributaries but with all the rain that we have gotten and will get, it may be too high and dangerous to try either of them. I drove over the Ohio, GMR, and Whitewater River and they all were extremely high and muddy. It will likely continue to rise with the expected 2" to 3" of rain we are suppose to get tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

  3. i heard the mouths of both of those rivers are pretty good for hybrids early in the year. can anyone confirm this?