Any suggestions for a good climber?

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  1. Looking for some suggestions on a good climber? not looking to spend a ton of money, somewhere in the ($200-$275) thanks for any help
  2. I would spend a little extra money and get a Lone Wolf. You won't regret it.

  3. Summit Viper, or if you are a wide body like me, the Goliath. Both of these climbers are rock solid in the tree. I go 260lbs and I can put all my weight to either side and the stand will not move. They are also very comfortable, have taken a few naps in mine.
  4. I second the vote for a lone wolf, I have the sit and climb. If you can, I would kick in the extra cash, I don't regret it. Easy to pack, light, comfortable, and the way it attaches to the tree is simple and quiet.
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    If I was in the market to purchase a new climber, I would check out Hunting Solution's Millennium M1 Climbing stand. This baby has everything! It weighs in at 18lbs, but breaks down flat, for easy transportation. The seat is one of the most comfortable on the market, and it completely folds up out of the way, allowing you to utilize the entire platform. The stand also has an "on the fly" adjustment system, for leveling your stand as you climb that is safe and effective. Not to mention, it is made right here in America, and carrie a lifetime warranty. On their website, it retails for $350, but if you check around, you can find it for less.

    I had the opportunity to sit in one of these stands last year at the Pennsylvania Deer and Turkey Expo, and it sold me right there. This year I'm in the market for a ladder stand and a couple hang-ons, but next year, this will be at the top of my list for sure!
  6. i still have the api grand slam self climber for sale 150.oo.was out of town for a while and home now. i can be reached at 330-926-1785. if you would like to look at it.walleyeking
  7. I would consider the summit openshot. I like the open design for bowhunting, and the summit is strong and quiet. I particularly like the weight of this one, 14 lbs including the hand climber, so if you have a long hike to get to your hunting area, you will appreciate it even more.
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    Have had 2... lots of buddies have them... great, comfortable... easy to use... plus tons of accessories... i believe.
  9. I love my summit viper.
  10. Lone Wolf is awesome. If you want a flat, light, stand that sets up quitely in the dark you will love the wolf. It's a bit pricy and not as comfortable as the summit but i don't mind. The bow holder really comes in handy. I never thought i'd use it and now wish every hang-on had one.
  11. i had the summit viper for along time. loved it. but 2 years ago i bought the loggy buyou mega transformer sorry i for get how to spell it hahaha. its lighter than the viper folds flat and you can take the rail off if you want. im a pretty big guy and i feel really safe in it i love it.
  12. I have had the same API Grand Slam Supreme since's never let me down...though I did fall once...."Thank You Lord".
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    Another vote for the Lonewolf Sit n Climb. This will be my 4th year with mine and I LOVE it!

    I had a Treelounge for years and hated it. It's big, heavy, loud, cumbersome, hard to set up in the dark. It is really comfy once set up, but that's the only good thing I can say about it.

  14. Whatever stand you decide to get....get a SAFETY HARNESS and use it!!! (If you don't already have one)The Hunter Saftey System is (in my opinion) one of the best harness/vest ever made. I love mine.
  15. summit....ill stand by it
    ive had mine for about 5 yrs and my hunting buddy bought a new one last year and there isnt anything differant other than looks....carrys easily,sets up in less then a min, light...
  16. Timbertall has 3 sizes, ranging from 12lbs. (yes a climber) 250lb. capacity on up to the 17lb. model w/ a 350lb. weight capacity. There is amiddle of the road model @ 14lbs. This stand can be adjusted once up in the tree! I've had and still do have a Lone Wolf sit and climb. I like the stability of it but for big guys its not. No room to sit comfortably. The sit and climb, lone wolf is 17lbs. and so is the largest of the Timbertall stands. The lone wolf is very hard to impossible to adjust 20 ft. up not the TimberTall!
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  17. I will give my vote for the summit line. I have hade mine for 5-6 years now and I love it. Easy to set up quite up the tree, and sturdy. My brother-in-law bought the summit bullet back packer last year and it is sweet. It is just like the viper but it will fold up flat. The wold line is sweet too, but are a bit more $$$. One piece of advice I will give is if you are hunting with a compound bow get one with out the bar in the front, or one where it can be folded out of the way.
  18. you ever cut limbs as your climbing? Obviously not the day you hunt but before hand?
  19. Would agree. Bought one when they first hit the market. Real nice stand.

    I have hunted out of my father-in-law's Old Man climber a few times and it is nice as well.