Any spillways producing?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Capital outdoorsman, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    I'd like to get out this weekend and get me a saugeye. As the worlds worst spillway/saugeye fisherman any information is helpful!
  2. Alum was frozen as of last night.

  3. was open under bridge and hole below was open last night.
  4. you are right, about below the bridge. Not sure about under, guess the pair of eyes I had didn't check it out close enough. So, if you know that well.... I bet you know my next question.
  5. I don't know much about the Delaware spillway, but the river stage (depth) there always seems higher than Alum. So how come nobody fishes it?
    Alum flow
    Delaware flow
  6. not many places that hold fish below the dam. Absolutely nothing like Alum, I know slim has been talking about there being a problem with taking our lowhead dams further down stream holding fish upstream. If that makes any sense... he would know.
  7. crittergitter

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    Delaware holds some fish at times, but it is real spotty. ALso, they get left overs any more in regard to stocking. I don't believe they are part of the regular stocking. Thus, they get approx 20-30k a year stocked. In contrast, Alum gets over 200k stocked every year and Hoover gets even more than that I believe. So, the numbers dictate which will produce. Even Deer Creek gets 80k a year so that spillway continues to produce. If Delaware got 80k a year it would be second only to Indian Lake for winter time and spring time saugeye fishing.
  8. I am with Critter Delaware used to years back produce stringers of nice saugeyes. But low stocking numbers and low flow thru the year seems to not keep them at dam like they used to. But there are some there but not many. Hoover when flowing right is probably the best spillway we have around here now other then Alum. Nothing lately has had much though i know have been hitting all with little production lately.:(
  9. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    Hoover is closest to me and I went about 10 times last winter to the spillway and saw 1 fish caught the entire time. I have never gotten a bit there. I'd heard last year was a bad year, but I've not heard anything this year.
  10. misfit

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    hoover may not be as productive this year due to poor survival 2-3 years ago.the upside is fish that are caught will possibly be bigger,older fish.
    but who knows.with the water level getting so low this year,more fish could have taken the trip downstream just to get wet:D
    stocking numbers don't always mean a lot when survival is poor in the first days/weeks afterwards.if survival rates were better,it would be hard to beat hoover with 500,000-700,000 fish stocked every year.
  11. tnant1

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    By spillway do you actually mean at the dam or lower down by the whole at the bridge?
  12. Below dam to the first bridge. After that I believe you start dealing with private property issues.

    Some people call it tailwaters, tailrace, spillway, below dam, etc.
  13. fishingredhawk

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    Just curious, when was the last time any of you guys (or anyone you know of) has caught saugeye below Griggs or O'Shay? I remember all of the great reports that used to come from both of those spillways. I'm assuming that because stocking numbers are so low over the past few years that there just aren't that many fish anymore?
  14. Fishingredhawk, I went to O'shay a couple of months ago and got 2 s-eyes. Nothing big, i did see about 20 caught in two hours between 5 people. Nothing big but it was sad to see 9 inch s-eyes on a stringer.
  15. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Unfortunately most guys don't post catches anymore because if you do the next day the place is so crowded you can't find a spot to stand. Check out the pool below Hoover after the first post about saugeye being caught. There are many lurkers that are here for information only and have no intention of ever joining or contributing. I share some info by posts but most is by PM's to those that communicate with me.
  16. I'm with you,mushroomman way too many lurkers & meat hunters on board to post specific info ....... pm's & e-mails only.
  17. I was wadeing a far distance past the first bridge, all the time last fall, and never heard a peep from land owners when I had to step on the bank (private land) for a quick second to get around deep water. Maybe I just got lucky all those times, but I suspect that it's because I swiftly get off of their land and back into the water, and that I'm alone.
  18. I believe you're still on thier land even though you are in the water. Therefore you could still be fined for trespassing. Just a heads up.
  19. I made the mistake of posting to much info about a favorite hant of mine, and that weekend I couldn't fish in my favorite spot! That happened last year when fishing really picked up in my spot, and I posted it! Big mistake. This year I'm trying to be more careful!
  20. topwaterdevil

    topwaterdevil SMB and Saugeyes.

    Caught 2 in the "below Griggs" area this summer fishing for Smallmouth. Have gone a couple of times in the winter before but never any success. Caught a small one a ways below Oshay in the Dublin area this summer. Other than that, nothing.