Any shore action around Findlay?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cherrell136, May 18, 2008.

  1. cherrell136

    cherrell136 she fishes too

    Just wondering if anyone is fishing the shores around Findlay, Fostoria, NB.

    Looking for anything but cats and bass.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ive been out twice in the past 2 weeks with no luck and I didnt see anybody else catching anything either . The cold rainy windy weather is the culprit I think.

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    You have got to change the time you go out. The first cast should be around 8 pm. or early am.
  4. I went out there last night around 8'ish and first cast my bobber went under just seconds after it hit the water but no hookup, whatever did it just slurped the nitecrawler off....still it lifted my mood a little. Nothing at all after that, the wind was too much to deal with and the water was very cloudy from all the chop. Some people bringing their boat in said they got 3 walleye off the rocks on the far side but they looked like they were tired of fishing in the wind also. When I get a chance to fish I go, and if I get skunked then atleast I got out there and enjoyed the outdoors. :)
  5. There has been one guy fishing the Res #1 (old Res) with a jig and rubber twister blue and silver about 1/4 oz right next to the pump house and taking numbers of nice crappie. I have seen him personally with 1 bucket of fish, told a guy and he went out last night, the guy was back fishing and had another bucket of fish, my buddy landed ZERO. But "the guy" has caught about 1oo or more in the past week.
  6. and we all wonder why there are no fish in there to cacth or if you do cacth one it is not bigger then the minnow it ate. I am not saying that it is wrong to keep fish as my frezzer is full but all I am saying is that I always see people on here asking if the fishing is any good in findlay and I think that it should be. People like that (and before anybody says anything I know there is no size limit or number limit) ruin not only the fishing for this year but years to come. I really doubt that the bucket that he had full was loaded with mature 9inch + Crappie. The other day I wacthed a guy who caught three crappie no bigger then 6 inches take them home. Are you really going to get any meat of them (maybe enough for one sandwich) I guess i just really wish that people would use some commonsense and then maybe all of us good enjoy some good fishing. Good luck all hope you can find the few remaining fish in the res.
  7. some people fish for meals some people fish for sport. I remember days, if me and my dad didnt catch any fish, the family wouldnt of had supper. Luckly he and my mother worked there way out of that. But the point is you dont know peoples situation, so all the complaing about who keeps what is getting old. in every post, were there are a number a fish caught someone has a grip about it. Do your part thats all you can do. my 2 cents. Buy the way great report weekender
  8. If 100 panfish out of the res cripples the fishing, it is screwed anyway. Panfish need to be harvested to keep from having stunted fish in the water. Why do you think they are all 6 inches in a given body of water, to many fish compeating for the available forage I would think. I was proud of the guy.

    Another guy was casting a small rapala off-shore and landed 4 smallies (small) and one large largemouth (19") all were released, plus a handful of white bass. He was fishing about 300 yards down from the pump house just walking about and casting.