Any roofers in here??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. I know this should be posted in the member services page, but I want to get this out and the lounge gets more traffic.

    My in laws need their roof shingled - maybe some plywood replaced too. They have about 3,075 sf of roof that needs done - not tricky, just basic rectangles. garage is 26x16' - 16' from peak to gutters, and main house is 56'x20' - 20' peak to gutters. it's a raised ranch - back is like a ranch and not far off the ground, front is like a 2 story house........

    I already got a quote for $200 a square - which is around $6,600..........

    House is in Massillon...........if interested PM me and we'll talk.

  2. My son does this in Columbus.

    I'm sure he would be glad to give you a ball park number even though you are in Massillon

    614 218 7770 Ask for Steve

  3. $200 a sq. is a fair price...been a roofer 18+ years (foreman)...assuming your correct about plywood replacement i.d be closer to $250/sq plus plywood as there is no way to know how many sheets would be needed until tear-off was done...that would be a 30 year dimentional certainteed landmark you bid from CERTIFIED installers??? i am a certified "master shingle applicator"" by certainteed so if there are problems down the road with their product they stand behind my work...dont really work much out of the county due to tax,licence, permits etc. or id give it a look...anything else just ask!!!
  4. Steven said as low as $150/square for just basic roof and as high as $250/square depending on redoing the ventilation.
    Plywood around $2.00/sf.
  5. Thanks guys! I am passing on all information when I get it - from both on here and PM's to my inlaws and letting them do what they will with it..........appreciate all the responses and information!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!