any reports on wolf run

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  1. i'm gonna start fishing wolf run instead of seneca and was wondering if anyone had reports on the night bite there
  2. i fishing wolf run all the time but not at night there is some good places i live at norwich maybe we could get together sometime and do some fish i have a bass tracker 175 PT that is great for the small lakes. my e-mail is dukejr1944 @

  3. The only fishing I ever done there at night was for Channels. Used to catch a lot just up the bank from the ramp. You have to fish it pretty early,there are some major weedbed that form there once it warms up.
  4. yea....we will have to do that sometime....i never been to wolf run on a boat but i bet we can slay some fish there my e-mail is
  5. i was there yesterday from about 7pm to 11pm and only caught a few nice crappies no cats or bass....but i will be back there for sure
  6. Let me know your schedule - when you work, etc. I am retired. How do you feel about going fishing with an old man????????????? My stepson sometimes goes along. He is 27, probably more to your liking. But - I'M THE ONE WITH THE BOAT! Let me hear back from you., 740-844-0344.
  7. hahaha....i have no problam fishing with a old man,you might be able to show me a few tricks....i'm only 31 but most of my friends are older
  8. give me a call sometime we can get together and do some fishing at wolf run or salt fork does matter to me.
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    Hi guys,
    Live in Marietta, I am also going to start fishing Wolf Run. Gas costs make Senecca a little less appealing. Drop me a line if you are going to have a get together. Have my own boat. Son also fishes with me when school allows. Could have a good time and catch some fish. Just drop me a line here or email me at .:)
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  11. i never bass fished there but i have seen a few nice bass come out of there at the launch i also have seen alot of nice ones just swimming close to shore while tring to get bait fish
  12. i have fished there about five years and i have caught some bass that would go 3to 4 lbs. and some nice catfish also. i love to get together sometime.
  13. you say the time and day that we can get together and i will stop and pick up flattiesinohio and meet the rest at wolf run. just let me know if you want to soon.
  14. that sounds good to me....thanks bill i havent been out of the house to a lake or anything in over week and the kids are driving me
  15. just give me a call and let me know when you you can go we can get together and do some fishing i get tried of fishing by myself. my phone number is 844-0344 call me anytime.