Any recommendations for Pleasant Hill this weekend?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bkr43050, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I may be heading up to PH this weekend for some fishing and was wondering if anyone has any recent reports. I really don't even have a species in mind. We are supposed to meet my father-in-law up there this weekend and thought we may give it a try.

    Are the eyes heating up any yet? If so does anyone have a good starting point. I don't fish PH very often so I can't say I have many go-to spots.
  2. It looks like if I do get up there on Sunday I will have the lake to myself.:D

    I am thinking we will give the eyes a try but I will also toss in the ultralights in case we find an active crappie bite. If nothing else we may be able to bring home a meal of slabs. If I do any good I will post a report.

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    Hey there, sorry but I haven't heard a whole lot coming from down there, I may also be down there fishing myself sunday if mother erie decides to calm down for a bit. The only thing I have heard about the eyes was about a week ago someone managed to get 2. Thats all I have heard. I imagine they should be heating up though with the cool temperatures. Crappie should be getting going too. As for locations I couldn't really tell ya i haven't fished it much lately. Sorry. Maybe Ill see you out there... Ill be in a clay and red colored lowe, has a walkthrough windshield.
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    if your going to p-hill, you need to throw a black jig for bass,or a jerk bait,if you fish for perch, you need to be in 16fow in front of the swimming beach,saugeye will be with the perch
  5. Well we did make it up there on Sunday and gave it a shot. It turned out to be a great day for a boat ride but not much more than that. :rolleyes: We tried several areas in search of the eyes and then even a bit of ultralight jigging in hopes of some crappie. Nothing seemed too interested. Surface water temps were still 65-66°. A lot of folks on the water but I didn't see much catching. I believe I saw a couple of catches (both small) although I was not among the other boats most of the time.