any predictions on the superbowl?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by fishcatcher87, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. personaly i think that philly will win because they will be more determained then the patts. and the other reason is because is that i dont like the patts.McNabb will have a better game then braddy i think? GO PHILLY
  2. Pats 30 Eagles 13

  3. I'm pulling for the eagles

    BTW this should be posted in the sports forum ;)
  4. Procraftboats21

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    I'm also pulling for the Eagles
  5. Philly 34 , New E. 24 Close till the end.
  6. The real Super Bowl was played in the AFC Championship game.Philly couldn't beat New England or Pittsburgh,and the Bowl won't be all that close,unless Belichick feels pity for old Andy.I seriously doubt that Philly will score even one offensive touchdown.There can't be a more overated QB in the NFL than McNabb,unless it was Vick,or maybe even Favre.The Pats will contain McNabb unabling him to run,and force him to throw.In other words,Pats 27-Philly 10.
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    Pats are by far the best team in the NFL. I see a cakewalk over the Eagles . The AFC dominated the NFC this season by a freakin MILE . The fact is , the AFC guys are used to playing better teams . Patriots 40 Eagles 10......... :)
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    i predict ill be drunk by half time...other than that i could care less who wins....
  9. Browns win on a Matt Bahr field goal 23-21.

    Ok...ok...Patriots 31 Eagles 21 behind a last second field goal from Adam Vinatieri.
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    31 to 10 pats over the eagles. it's gonna be all business for coach Bill. a better question is............... will coach Bill smile after the win???
  11. crankus_maximus

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    Mark another one for the Eagles. I hate the elitist attitude of the Pats and Red Sox and Bostonians in general.
  12. Must be one of those super kicks.Good for 10 points?
  13. A chance to reflect on our picks. :eek: I believe 2talltim was the closest. I read your post about falling asleep, now we know why. :D Pats had a rough game and I thought the officiating was a little bias in the first quarter or they probably would have done Philly wrong early. The money in Vegas was on the Pats and they didn't cover. :rolleyes: