any PA trib reports

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  1. Anyone have any reports from PA yet? I've read that they are catching some at the mouth of Walnut but was hoping for some first hand reports. Appreciate it guys!
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  3. Yea, I use that site all the time this time of year. I was hoping for more "accurate" reports from some of our OGF guys. Hopefully there will be more in the coming weeks. Thanks for the help though!
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    I am in PA right now but it is work related.
    I will see if I can get any info, we are in eastern PA but will probally be near Erie saturday. :)
  5. call Poor Richards Bait shop, Elk Creeks Sports, BAC and divide your answers by 3 and that will be a good average of whats going on. also you might want to watch these few links...

    I'm sure some of there mutt fish will appear like they do every year stuck at the first riffle, and holding under the tressle bridges!

  6. Go look at trout run thats the perfect barometer for the arm pit of the steelhead alley!
  7. I used to get first hand reports from family & friends back there but hardly anyone fished there now for various reasons. Trout Run is a great indicator though to the start of the season in PA! Thanks for the additional links, I'll give them a shot.

    Steelhead Bob. Hope you didn't take offense to my post. I re-read it and I should have said "first-hand reports" rather than "accurate". I wasn't implying that you don't give accurate reports. I thought that didn't come out right so I wanted to correct my original post.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Things did not go ass planned we are stuck in Philly right now and we will be home tommorow.
    I talked to somebody about it yesterday who said they went a couple days prior. He said the were some steelhead caught by the crowds but all he caught were smallmouth.
    Not sure what trib it was. Hope that helped.