any online shooters that dont need a graphics card

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  1. Hey everyone. Im layed off and pretty bored, lol. Im wondering if anyone knows of a game thats a first person shooter that people are still playing online that will run on my system. I have a pentium D 915 processer, gig ram and so on, just not graphics card. Someone on here gave me a 32mb card to use but its not compatible with vista(like most things, lol) any ideas? Or should I just try and get a card.
  2. DOes your computer have a slot for a graphics card? PCIe or AGP?

  3. Yea pcie. Someone on here who I cant remeber, sent me for free(thanks) a pci ati7000 by diamond and I figured it would help with a few things, but ati doesnt and wont make a driver for it to use on vista.

    I recently got americas army and it works fine, I just dont like squad based games. But aside from shooters, I bought rise of nations and love that game. I used to be big into ages of empires and I think this game is so much better.
  4. Hey I stumbled upon a decent deal for an inexpensive graphics card. has a 7600GS for $32 + shipping which should be around $8 to NE Ohio. There is a 10% discount code also which is "mc exclusives" and should get it down to $37 shipped. This is by no means a great PCIe card but it is comparable to the 6600GT give or take a few frames and should help increase the number of games you can play. You can probably poke around and find some websites that have tested this card with a variety of games to get an idea if it will be able to play the ones you want with reasonable quality.

    Note: will require a PCIe x16 slot and it's not clear from your earlier post if your computer has one or more PCIe x16 slots in addition to the regular PCI slots which will not support this card.
  5. It does, thanks for the heads up.