Any one know the results for wed. Portage Lakes tournament?

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  1. I was woundering if anybody had the results to wed. portage lakes tournament.
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    First Marty Runs A Clean Tournament I Have Placed A Few Times This Year. Does That Mean I Cheat. Maybe Its Just Your Not As Good Or Lucky As Others . I Dont Get To Pre Fish As Often As Others Do, I Have Acctually Not Even Had A Chance To Pre Fish At All This Year. The Fish Are There If You Can Find Them, Some People Can And Others Can't. Last Week The Bite Was Very Slow And Very Few People Found Them. Accusing Others Of Cheating Because You Have Had No Luck Is A Pretty Bad Thing To Do.

  3. I am not accusing you of cheating. I wrote that wrong, i was just saying that I had heard people do in the past. I know its on the honor system and most of the people I have met there seem great especially the guys running it. I edited my quote cause I dont want people to think I am accusing them of cheating. I have done them and yes they are run real well. I cant wait till it gets a little cooler out so I can start fishing them again. Sorry if I affended you my quote came out wrong
  4. Very stand up on your part mrhkorn........very well put.

    I have fished this tourney too- and it's full of big boys.........although I had fun, I don't think I'll be "donating" anymore of my hard earned $$ anytime soon! HA!
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    There has been cheating in the past in that tourney. ODNR sat on some people and watched them gather fish that were tied to the docks. The people were charged and banned for life from the tourney.
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    I'm pretty sure that happened at a NOAA tournament. Unless it happened at a Wednesday nighter and I didn't hear about it. There's a detailed post on here somewhere about that event. Did some diggin'
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    I guess I'll do the posting that people were looking for........ 15-9, 15-2, 14-3, the rest were in the 10's and big bass was 4-13. I had a terrible night and I had been placing (3 weeks in a row) But my fish have moved and I haven't found em again yet.
  8. Theres alot of cheating that goes on in that tournament that not alot of people are aware of. I got some inside info on a guy that takes 2 rods w/ texas rigged worms on them and not much in the way of tackle, he gets to his spot n slips on a night crawler in its place. I dont know if you know but bass at the cest pool love night crawlers. He places every week and its redicoulous, thats what shyed me away from those tourneys even though there ran decent and most of the people are good fisherman....OuT
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    Went fishing with a "friend" a few years ago to learn some new fishing techniques when I got thirsty, pal said help yourself to the cooler. I opened a cooler and saw a lil bottle of MCcormicks Anise, I asked, whats this for, you making italian He laughed, said no then said its of no concern to me.
    Just for giggles a week later I took some anise and put it on a rubber worm when POW I couldnt keep it away from the panfish OR the bass, got me thinking, I know he goes to tournys............
  10. Wow thats a shame. If you know its going on you should report it so he can be watched. I have heard that you can get some pretty heafty fines and disqualified and kicked out of the tournaments. Heck theres so many times i am out and do not even get a bite but would never think of cheating. I like the sport of it and your truly not a winner unless you play by the rules. Its also a shame cause it ruins it for the rest of us that hear of stuff like this then get turned away from wanting to do them.
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    For about the past 2 months, I've been kind enough to give a pretty complete rundown of the results. This post was asking if anyone knew the results, not asking you to bash a local tournament. I'm sure some of you would accuse me of cheating having seen me come in with good weight every week. Some people put their time in and are just great fisherman. One of my good friends was accused of cheating this year. That being said, since I'm friends with many who fish the wednesday night tournament and you folks took this thread as an opportunity to bad mouth this tournament and those who participate in it I will no longer provide a rundown of results.
  12. So basically you're taking your toys and going home, huh? You going to tell your mommy that the boys on OGF aren't playing nice too?

    DUDE! Bend over, reach under your crotch and pull the WAD of panties out of there! For real! So WHAT if this post strayed from the original topic, do you think this is the first time this has ever happened???

    Nobody accused YOU of cheating - so why are you taking it personally?

    The one time I fished this tourney - nobody checked my livewells! You're telling me that they check everyones each time?? I'm sure there are scumbags out there that cheat or know how to cheat this "t" every week.......with that said, it doesn't mean you have to get all pissy and "no longer provide rundowns" think you're the ONLY one that can do this? Get over yourself, man.........
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    i;m not sure i ever really understood the reason to check all livewells? Honestly, anyone who had fish in a livewell for the use of cheating would have to be the absolute dumbest person alive
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    Never said I was the only one who can provide the results but I have been the one who was providing them.The guy who runs the tournament is my neighbor and I have alot of friends who fish it so to hear it bad mouthed just pisses me off. I'm sure there are people who cheat but they are the ones who have to live with themselves. People need to put their time in and figure the fish out instead of assuming that there is a bunch of cheating. You don't think we look for cheaters? If anyone who fishes these knew someone was cheating for a fact or saw someone cheat they would be banned. We police ourselves and when you place every week you draw attention to yourself so they are being watched and if they are cheating its just a matter of time. Jonboy your right anyone holding fish in the livewell to cheat is an idiot thats the easiest way to get caught.
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    This might have been misrepresented and I have NO PROOF he even used the product for hard feelings and I apologize as I wasnt making any accusations. I was more or less looking at humor in it and myself for being niave on his boat that day.
  16. Just a question. I saw someone mention Anise and the possible use of it in a turnament. I looked up anise because I had no idea what it was, and it looks to be a type of herb or spice. Would using that on a soft plastic really be cheating? How would that be different than a garlic based dip or even salt for that matter. Just asking, I dont fish turnaments so I really dont know all the rules.
  17. I was thinking the same thing.............
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    Some people who fish, and not just tourneys, want to be recognized as the best. Some just like the feel of competing. It's hard to tell who's who in a tourney environment, and some people will do anything they can to win the money. I CHOOSE not to fish competatively but i try not to knock those that do. If you have doubts about competing in an event, then don't. If you feel like all you're doing is donating your money, should you really be competing. If you're learning new techniques, thats great. But i never saw anyone win a tourney that went in with a negative attitude.
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    It is sad to think that some would trade their integrity for a few ol fish!!!
    The good news is that there are still plenty of fellas out there for which their word and their own integrity isn’t for sale. I don’t fish the tournaments (cause I lack the fishing talent but am too competitive to settle for finishing last) but I do know some guys that do fish the ABC and I can tell you this, they would sooner give you their wallets than to steal a nickel from you.
    Cheat’n to win isn’t winning at all it is stealing!!!

    I have to agree with BassBoy that they are trying to run a quality tournament out there on PL and that they have a lot of good guys fishing in it that care about more than just the money… yes, I am sure any time money is involved you will have someone willing to do whatever they can get away with to cash in but if you attract enough of the good guys they will keep the cheating to a minimum… it is their money being stolen after all. If they didn’t do this then the whole thing falls apart. By the way, cheaters don’t like to participate with a bunch of other cheaters – they don’t want anyone cheating them and they are quick to point out when someone is cheating them. (ironic isn’t it!?!?!?!?)

    The tournament is open so you have the choice to put up the entry fee or just stand back and watch. Just be care not to put labels on it when you have no solid proof… you only hurt the guys that are trying to make a difference for all sportsmen.
  20. nightcrawlers...anise....livewell checks...

    and to think Marty runs this nonprofit gig for fun.

    This thread convinces me to raise memberships and make sure med renewals occurr each month. :p

    My experience with this kinda talk usually proves to come from those just starting their tournamnet angling quest.

    Once you get going further into the scene you'll come to understand and appreciate the angler/group policing of these and other well, the positive comaraderie the events create.

    Don't give up cuz you haven't won yet. Stick around and become familiar with it all- it ultimately will determine your success or failure just by shown' up.


    PS~ Anise would be legal in my tournamnet world...I wouldn't recommend it though- is this why ever Giant Eagle store is now sold out of it though :)