Any one flown Sybus recently

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  1. Going on a trip in June, and I was wondering if any one has any recent reviews of their flights with Sybus. My wife and I are flying into Portsmouth, NH and then driving up for a vacation in Maine.
  2. I flew into San Diego in November on them--It was great not a problem. I also flew into Portsmouth NH last August when I went tuna fishing out of Boston. Great trip. It's a tiny airport--and I mean tiny. You get off on the runway and it's right next to the National guard base. Not too much around there and only one rental agency there at the airport. We didn't have any problems with them either.

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    First time was to New York- they actually fly into Andover Air Force base in Mass. That was the tiny airport metioned above. Skybus is the only flight in or out of the place, period. The flight was great outbound- on time, fast and easy. They were delayed 20 minutes on the return flight but no big deal.
    The second was a trip to Ft. Lauderdale in December for a Keys fishing trip. Flight down was great- no issues. Again, the flight back was delayed about 20-25 minutes. No explanation- just delayed. I flew 4 of us to New York and back for less than $200 TOTAL and the tickets for Florida ran us $72 and change each round-trip. It costs me about that to drive to Columbus to catch the flight!
    I'd recommend them and will fly them again if I can catch the cheap tickets. You have to be up early to catch the $10 seats when they post them as they are normally posted at 4 in the morning. :mad:


    Likes the Airbus aircraft they fly- big and roomy.
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    Flown skybus twice so far (NC & FL) and just booked New Orleans for Aug. Got $10 flights each time...can't complain!!
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    WHAT?!?! 10 dollar flights?!
  6. I have heard nothing but good things about them, I will be flying to Florida with them in May, a friend of mine flew down last month with them with 0 problems.
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    $10 each way per person if you book within the first 10 seats on the flight.
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    picked up some tickets for an august trip to wisconsin. I didn't get the $10 tix, but the next level. it ended up being like $150 round trip for my girlfriend and myself. glad to hear all the good experiences!
  9. I've flown three times with them. No problems at all. Actually my wife and daughter jst us3ed them to fly into Biloxoi on Thursday. We are using them to fly into Daytona Beach in June for a grand total of $100 round trip for 4 of us.
  10. Last month my wife and I flew Skybus roundtrip to St Augustine FL for $90 apiece. Paid an extra $10 each for priority boarding. No complaints at all. The flight out of Columbus was on time and uneventful. Just keep in mind that you’ll be flying into smaller airports that may not have the amenities of a larger airport. One example was the mad rush to the rental car counter. St Augustine only had 2 rental counters manned by 1 person each. Good luck.
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    both times i have used shlybus they send me emails changing my flight times.

    Leaving at @ 6:05 am and Arrive back in Col. @ 12:35 am

  12. Newbreed makes a good point for anyone wondering how Skybus can offer such cheap fares and still stay in business.

    You'll be flying at odd hours.
    Frills such as snacks & drinks will come at a cost.
    Small airports with crowded ticket counters.

    My best advice is to have a flexible travel schedule and get to the airport early!
  13. Fixin to take my 3rd trip on SKYBUS next month and another in Aug.
    Last flight to St Augustine was great, no delays. Car rentals are definitely a pain though. The return flight was delayed 2 hours due to the plane hitting a couple herrons while landing, checked the windshield for cracks rinsed the guts off, and away we went.
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    also note if your flight gets delayed for a long time, they do not cover costs(putting you up in a room, getting you another flight, rental car, etc.) so if you get stuck in a snow storm or something your going to be footing a large expense. But considering the cost and depending on the use it's still a good deal, just know what your getting.
  15. I have to second that, we booked our flight back in November to fly out this May and they have changed the flight times on 3 seperate occassions so far, its only bumped us back a grand total of about 30 minutes for all 3 changes but I hope they dont send us another.
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    I flew Skybus with a large group, no one to talk to when you are ordering tickets made me nervous. When we got to the airport the people working for Skybus where great getting us all through the check in process and onto the plane. I will definitely fly with them again.