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Any one been fishing the mad?????

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by jamie329, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Been a very busy summer for me. Building a new house, just had a new baby boy last thursday, and haven't been to the mad river for about 3 months, and majorly bummed about it. Missed all the good hatches, and some good stories too i am sure. but I am planning on hitting the mad next weekend. cant wait. My question is has any one here been fishing it and how has it been and what bugs have you seen? I heard the water is pretty low too. any and all info will be much appreciated.

  2. ..brown drakes #10-14...March browns 10-12, feeshed it floated it for about 20 miles, and turned 2 feesh! So for me I wont be back untill the liveries close! Hmm saw some great water, from the TU put in point down to Route 55! Waters still nice and cold, but I could not help ya with the flow ... :eek:

  3. thanks steelheader, and only two fish in 20 miles. sour luck. wonder if they're real scittish because of the low water.
  4. oh, and if you don't mind me askin, what were u mostly using??
  5. Jaime, the evening bite has been much beter then the day bite lately as the fish are definately moving into SUMMER mode, means you better be on the water at sunup and leave by 10 am. or arive at 7 PM and fish into dark.
    Mid day, its possible youll get into a bunch of risers taking ants and bettles, later in another month, add inch worms and even some hopper sin a few places.

    Look for caddis to start coming off in the evenings and try to avoid all canoe traffic if possible since the fish are not yet used to the boats.
    I also guided the last two weekends and actually leapfrogged Steelheader and TeeRay the other day, it was very tough day but we did get a few early on Princes and copper johns. If the day is overcast, I would suggest heading up, should be a banner day with few boats and active fish through the day.

    Good luck and be sure to let us know how you do

  6. thanks Salmonid for the great info, i will definitely let you know how I did.