Any one a Doc out there?????

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  1. What is good to use for Poison Ivy? I have been puting calomine lotion on it.Its been Itching bad!!! Im open for any thing to get it to stop itching!!!
  2. I am no doctor but this works for me scratch it raw and pee on it it burns like heck but you wont be itching anymore and the poison ivy will be dried up the next day and on its way to healing I think that its the amonnia in the urine.hope this helps

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    What if he has it on his forehead? Guess he'll have get a buddy to help. :(
    I'm no doctor either, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last week. (No really I did). I don't get it often but when I do I pour turpentine on a rag and wipe the affected area well, this removes the oil from the plant. I then pour a good bit of dish soap in my hands and scrub the crap out of my hands and the area affected. This will prevent spreading. All you can do with the rash you do have is treat it with Ivy Dry or similar products. The rash you already have will not spread on its own. Only the plant oil can cause further problems hence the turpentine it removes all the oils. Good luck and please don't ever pee on me if you see me scratch my head. :p
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    Go to the local doc or urgent care and get some steroids. The pills work best (prednisone), plus get the shot if you want rid of it quick. I got it bad twice at Griggs Reservoir a couple years ago (won't tell you where all I had it ;)

    Anyways, it wouldn't go away without the Prednisone. I couldn't sleep and had to keep getting up to take those scalding hot showers.
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    Brian is correct.
    If you can't do that ask a Pharmacist to help you, they can tell you what works best. Honestly, they will recommend something over the counter. Calamine doesn't work to well for me either. Caladril or Ivy dry usually helped me.
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    Yep, sounds nasty and a little nuts, but urine does work and it's free!! Just take a shower after you apply to affected area and all is well.
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    Damn. It's awfully early to get poison ivy. I've had decades of experience with this, and the best thing I've found is to get in the shower and run water as hot as you can stand over the areas. Hot as hell! At first you will feel the most intense itching sensation that you ever felt in your life. Then make the water hotter! The itching will pass and you will have several hours of relief. I don't know why it works, but it does. You can put the calamine on in the meantime.
  8. itch,piss in cup,pour on self,DNA same...good luck.....LOL
  9. I used to use bleach on it after scratching it open,burns like heck though but it`s gone in no time.:)
  10. I had poison Ivy when it first come out:) . The best hillbilly cure is use a green walnut, Scratch the outer bark off and scratch the area with it. It works I've done it for years, besides it beats the hell out of peeing on yourself. Hope this helps.
  11. when i get it i get some fluocinonide cream,and some pills called prednisone the lotion wont work with me. i tried using solvent once, they about had to cut me leg off with the infention!!
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    i dig it open and put rubbing alcohol on it.burns pretty bad but it is gone pretty quick
  13. get the shot - worth the money - if not the already mentioned rubbing alcohol works to dry it out.
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    roflmao... honestly this had me cracking up

    oh, and like they were staying the mild steriods they perscribe for it are awsome. I've battled poison ivy for weeks, got the pills that you take over 5 days or whatever, and by day 5 was good as new.
  15. Please send me your address so I can send you a bill for a new keyboard. Not only did I sputter out my coffee reading this but I think I pee'd in my pants. My wife even came in, told her the next time I I get the itch she has got to pee on me. Got a slap for that comment.
    But hey if it works???? GO FOR IT!
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    The best thing hands down to remove poison ivy itch is a product called Chiggerex.
    You can but it in the drugstore.
    It is for chigger bites but it kills the poison ivy itch me.
  17. im with walleye60 as long as i can remember i use bleach also. just soak a rag with bleach and scrub the area til you rip all the blisters open and it starts to bleed alittle. it doesnt burn anything like alcohol but it has a tingle. if you do it it will be gone by the next day and scabbing over. if you dont like that idea there is a bottle of pills i picked up at the pharmacy called poison ivy remedy it comes in a small bottle plain black and white label. havent tried it yet but the gas meter reader guy told me about it. hope this helps
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    flippin fool,
    Are these the ones that go for like $40? I might be thinking of the ones that are to prevent you from gettin' it if ya know you're gonna be out in the wilds or whatever.
    Anyhow, I've been dealing with PI in the extreme for years. I've had it at times that just astounded the doctors, in the middle of winter when it was supposed to be dormant and the doctors would tell my mom that it just was not possible that I had PI......until I'd show up at the doc's office and they would indeed confirm that it was poison ivy. My best home remedy has already been mentioned, bleach!
    Now this will probably surprise many of you, but here in these parts, one pharmacy, Rice's Pharmacy sells a very small bottle (about the size of chapstick) of pills, little white balls, called poison ivy pills, for about $8 a bottle. I used to always have a bottle in my pocket when I was a youngster. They seemed to alleve the itching. Don't know if it cleared it up any faster, but seemed to make it more tolerable. Then the pharmacy moved from Canton to either Canal Fulton or Lake Cable and I've never gotten them since. Of course, I don't get in too many of the places now we did as kids. Still get a touch of it occassionally.....
  19. go to the doc. and get the shot. or else find this stuff called ruhli jell. its in a clear tube. it rules.
  20. Hello, although I'm no Doc there is stuff that is pretty good at Wal-Mart. It is located by the calamine lotion but is in a white bottle with blue or green writing. It is about 2" diameter and 4-5" tall. It only cost about $3.00 and works well in my opinion. For the price you can't beat it. It drys it out very well and is clear. Let me see if I still have the bottle....

    It is made by SWAN, clear anti-itch lotion, 6 fl oz, External Analgestic/Skin Protectant.

    Also, if you didn't already check it out go to or google it and see what there is out there.

    Hope this helps and get well soon!

    - John