any on know where this place

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  1. A few years ago a buddy took me to a place called buffalo bill's... Im thinking it was in Greenvill ohio or up in that area. They serve wildgame. It was a neat place and would like to go back... Any one know of this place? Or know of one around dayton area?
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    There is a place named that up here in NE Ohio off of RT 422 going to Cleveland. I wouldn't think that was a common name for a place to eat, so I am not sure if this is the place that you are talking about or not.

  3. No its was around this area im sure it was in greenvill. I know it was like a hour in half from dayton.
  4. I think it is in covington ohio off of 75 just north of dayton. I have never been there but my parents ate there years ago and said they had any game you could think of.
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    Yea, its in Covington on RT 48(Main Street)...Never eaten there but passed it many times....If you are in Dayton shoot up 48 north until you get to covington and it will be on your left as you pass thru town
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    Byg is right on it's in Covington Ohio on St Rt 48.
    It's called Buffalo Jack's............
  7. You exit 75 at Troy (rt 41 exit) then head west to covington then right on 48 1 block. Its on the left Buffalo Jacks.
  8. Toxic thats Blazin Bills they have great ribs.
  9. Cool i knew it was up that way. thanks for ever ones help!