Any Noodlers On Here?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mbw1924, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. mbw1924

    mbw1924 mbw1924

    i was just reading an article about noodling. has or does anyone do it? i just dont know if i can go putting my hand into holes i cannot see in.
  2. misfit

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    there might be a few,but they most likely don't do it in this state,since it's illegal;)

  3. I think noodling is a crock of s@#$!I think its worse than sight fishing for spawning Largemouth.I don't want to stick my hand in a barrel and pull out a fish thats resting or guarding its eggs.Thats not sporting at all.If you want a Flathead you get it when they're on the hunt.With a baitfish a rod and a reel!I hope noodling never becomes legal in Ohio.Just my opinion
  4. I,like many others on here I am sure, agree with Joey 100%.
  5. mbw1924

    mbw1924 mbw1924

    i dont think it looks fun either, and didnt realize it was illegal in ohio. i just saw the artical and wondered if there were any crazy people here.
  6. I think it looks like a fun thing to do, but I think the fish should be released almost as soon as you get it.
  7. katfish

    katfish Cats are where it's at!

    Why release it? The damage is done while wading around nests
    and the eggs will be scattered and eaten before you get done
    admiring your catch.

    There is a reason Ohio closed season on smallmouth as they spawn.

    When the water was pulled down at Piedmont Game and fish
    noted how many barrels were placed in shallow water so they
    would know where to watch the following Spring;)
  8. cantsleep

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    I've never seen it done except on TV, though a guy I knew 10 years ago talked about doing it in Indiana.(legal?)
    I never got the impression that it was done at spawn though. I always assumed it was done summer round.:confused:

    Just doesn't seem like something I would want to do, and if it causes havoc with spawning I'm glad it's illegal in Ohio.
    /my .02
  9. I make the most delicious noodlers you ever tasted from scratch. I prefer the extra wide ones myself. I use them in everything, soup, chicken and noodles I even make a very tasty stroganoff with them. Anyone want my recipe just ask.:)
  10. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    I've tried it on spawning catfish in a farm pond in Indiana. I thought the catfish would bite my hand and all I had to do was clamp down and bring it out. It wouldn't though.... I was able to grab a hold of it near the tail, but I lost it. It's a lot harder than it looks.
  11. If I can't feel it taking drag, then I'm not interested. Looks like a sport for meat fisherman.
  12. Ain't nothin like a screaming bait clicker:p
  13. I must be on of the crazy ones. I have experience the pain of a 20+ flat head clamping down on my hand and the fight that come along with it. Noodling is not easy and is dangerous but also fun. There are other things laying back in those logs besides cats. Tournaments are even held down in the southern states. I do not know anyone, even the tournaments, that does it during the spring. We always did it in late July through August not during the spawn. But we also never kept any because we just were not very good at it. We could go for a whole day and we may find three with only getting one in hand out of those. Yet we could fish the same stretch and catch far more on rod and reel. I will say that if you think you want to try it go with some one that knows what they are doing. It is not for every one but then again nothing is.
  14. You were doing it during the spawn. Flatheads spawn in July. The only reason it works is because the fish are spawning.
  15. No thanks.Before you wanna go noodling you gotta think about the damage your doing to there offspring.I'm sure the birth rate of flatheads have dwindled in the south since noodling has become popular the last couple years.Anyone who loves these fish and obsess about them like I do ,and who would want them to flourish in the future for our kids to catch and learn about would say no thanks to noodling
  16. Any of you guys fish in northeast ohio . want to tech someone how to catch a flathead. i have always wanted to catch one. but have no clue how to as i am a bass guy mostly
  17. beans

    beans beans

    I caught a decent flat head tuesday night. just get a stout rod and reel ,catch some blue gill (for bait) and fish on bottom near some structure or near a drop off. youre in for a good fight.
  18. umm i have never done it for flat heads but at a friends of mine has privete club he belongs to and channels will go in to in to these areas the muskrats distroyed you can do the same thing i am not sure if that would make it legal or not since its privete but we did it anyways here is a couple pics[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    i cant even tell you how bad just channels hurt the first time i did it i had blood just dripping down my hannd i cant even imagin a flat
  19. As I said we did not do it during the spawn. An old timer showed, he was the best turtle sheller that ever lived, us what cats are like while spawning or guarding the fry. They crush your hand as soon as it gets near them. Once they are done doing both you have to get them to open their mouth by almost tickling them to open up before they get away. We never came across cats during their spawn while we were out. Because we started after the spawn on purpose. Just wondering but do you guys stop fishing during the spawn? MMagis probably does from his post but I do not know about the others. As for noodling just becoming popular. Noodling has been around for a long time. Indians first did it then settlers and so on. It is neither new or just becoming popular. Noodling is still not popular just a popular topic for people to either be against or for it. It is different, strange and has strong opinion for or against so you get to see it on TV a little now. Heck Dirtiest Jobs, on discovery channel, did a show on it. If you think that it is something that you want to try once then try it.
  20. Fishers of Men

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    It has and still is a big thing down south.