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any news from skeeter

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ramjoe, May 26, 2007.

  1. thinking about trolling around the lake tommrow any imfo. would be apprec. have not seen anything on this lake lately are they still fishing this lake or not.
  2. head north young man head north........

  3. hey fiiretiger good hearin from ya .you say head north whats wrong no more eyes in skeeter.
  4. if you like your eyes in the 8-12 inch range have at it.....
  5. Trolling is slowing a bit. Find some weeds and 4-6 foot of water. I did good tonight on jigs with crawlers and leeches. Be patient, it will pay off. Good luck.
    I was mid-lake on the south side of the causeway on both the east and west sides. One side was not better than other. Both were good. The rain must have helped tonight. I got some decent fish. 15-17" You will catch a ton of those 12' also. Helps pass the time. LOL
  6. :B Only the guys that get up early.....and there Wife allow them to Fish
  7. ha ha ha was up and at em at 5am today.
  8. Tigger.......were you trolling in/near the weeds or were you jigging/casting in the open pockets? Thanks for the help.
  9. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    That would be jigging in and around the weeds. I was out in the morning and got some nice fish on the same program.
  10. That was flipping around the edges and the pockets. Big Daddy 300 was out earlier that day and put me on some fish.

    We will out there Monday morning for a bit at day break. See us say hi. I have a big green lund that looks to big for the lake! LOL I have OGF sticker on the back also. Launching out of the causeway ramp.
    Have a great Memorial Day.
  11. Thanks guys....Happy Memorial Day to you as well. I will be out there sometime in the evening most likely. Good luck and Good fishing.
  12. I just got back from skeeter this morning. I was out there with Big Daddy 300. We got 23 walleyes. 8 over 15" Let all go but 5 for a dinner tonight. Got there about 6:30 and fished till 11 am. Leeches and crawlers in 6 foot of water along weed edges (jigs).
    Fish were on every weedbed we went to. We fished mid mainlake. We tried both the east and the west sides of the lake. Both sides were good. The bite slowed way down as the sun came up and the wind stopped. Chased them into the thicker middle of the weeds later and had some luck. Caught catfish like crazy also. They fight hard!
    They are really shooting radar and giving tickets on the causeway so be aware of this. They gave two tickets to guys pulling boats while we launched this morning. Game Warden checking boats and licenses also.
    Take care
  13. Good Job John and Rick. Those that say there are no nice Walleyes in Mosquito, should throw back the little ones and keep fishing, like you do. If you keep the first limit of little ones, you will never catch nice ones. Mosquito has given up a number of QUALITY fish to me this year, but you have have to throw back the smaller ones to get them.:T
  14. Unless they are 17 inches or over we toss em back.Have done it for 30 years now.... Nobody can tell me this lake is yielding the numbers of nice size eyes that it has in the past,even 5 years ago..... I have always been partial to this lake considering it 1 of the best in the state, don't want to p--- anybody off but it is now one of the worst unless you like the smaller variety.I believe it has become this way because most do not do as Luredaddy says .No problem here tho,I will just continue to fish that big lake up north. 8-14 inchers go back there.......:B
  15. We had about 20 amish boaters around us today. Not one of thier fish went back to the water. Including 8" cigars.
  16. That's why I just can't fish there anymore.I was out about 2 weeks ago with ramjoe and my pops and saw the same thing. It just sickens me. In fact ramjoe and pops are out today but I couldn't bring myself to go on that lake to witness what you saw today tigger.Goin up to erie this week.Ramjoe and I used to fish skeeter 5-7 days a week and I have seen more limits of eyes at the docks of 12 inches or less that it makes me want to hurl ,so I just stay away.I love this lake and wish something could be done to turn it back to the great walleye fishery it once was.But I am only one man and do not make the laws. Good fishin to ya....:B
  17. just got back from skeeter same old story. though my brother caught a couple that almost made the basket. other than a few cats and pops cigar we sure got to work on the tan.
  18. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    As long as they aren't breaking the law, I say good for them. If the DNR saw fit to put a size limit on Mosquito, they would. Since they don't deem it necessary to do so, anyone and everyone is well within their legal rights to keep whatever walleyes they want, be it a 4 incher, or a thirty incher. They stock millions of walleyes a year, and they are well aware that people are keeping small walleyes. If they don't do anything about it, people are going to keep doing it, and it's not just the Amish. I'm sure there's been plenty of Christians, Jewish, Baptists, Catholics, and probably even a couple of Buddhists have kept a few smaller walleyes here and there. If you're that upset about seeing small walleyes being plucked from a lake that has been managed in a way that it has a huge population of small walleyes I think I'd find another place to fish.
  19. That's exactly what I did..Found another place to fish.If you read my post I said I don't make the laws......
  20. How about the the price of gas lately. Man is hard to travel around nowa days.