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any new info on daniels???

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fish4wall, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. anything new to report or new pics????
  2. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    I went down there and looked at it Saturday night. It's still gone. :D The platform on the west side of the dam is cordoned-off with a snow fence.

  3. Went on monday with a buddy and started in at the path just down from the new steps wading out very cautiously we did a little exploring. We crossed at the shallows and went towards the gas pipe the bottom there had alot more pee gravel but was firm. Made our way up to the gas pipe the current there now makes a sharp turn at the pipe going straight to the bank. The current there now is very strong and the sediment there was very soft almost like quik sand in some spots. Fished for a couple of hours with spawn sacs but no luck. I guess the catching fish out of a barrel days are over for now ... So with that and all of the wacky weather we have endured this year Bring on the Lake Erie ICE and lets catch some BIG EYES.
  4. hey funmoto-10/4 on the big eyes at erie ice! can't wait! watch foir them pressure cracks!
    ps-you live down by 224SE of akron? you sound familair.
  5. Yes I live just off 224 on the edge of the Mogadore Springfield line already have the fever for the ice hopefully this cold spell will last. A good 3 week spell of 20s and below will bring on the Erie ice as long as we dont get any monsoon winds to move the big chunks around as far as the ever changing cracks always take some sort of plank system for the atvs to cross. In the process of purchasing an airboat dont know if it will happen this year but fo sure next season I have a good group of friends that love to take the adventure of the ever changing lake Erie ice some people love to climb mt everest I love the adventure of fishing erie. Will definately be posting some reports as soon as I can get on any ice Mosquito usually will form good ice before the others.So if anyothers here of good ice on erie let me know and i will do the same. And remember to cach and release in hot grease!
  6. any new pics????
  7. Hey Moto! you taken in what RR said in the "saw the hoga thread"? that's only 15 mins. from you! and an hour closer than daniel's! plus the golf course area is waaay "upstream" from the sewer plant and the fish should have warshed all that puooey off by that far up!! course if your willing to wade, you can go clear to the edson dam for them steelhaids.
  8. Fish Tale

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    Went down to look tues afternoon. They say seening is believeing.........WOOOOOOOOWWW what power mother nature has!!!
  9. wow thanks for the update and pics....