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Any Morrel guys out there???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by swantucky, May 13, 2005.

  1. I finally found a few. 8 big ones, enough to get the pan out!!! It was alot of work but worth the effort. Hopefully with the T-storms in this neck of the woods it will only get better. Had a banner year on the walleyes in the river, time to get serious on the shrooms.
  2. Its almost done now but maybe the rain will kick it back in one last time...


    MLAROSA Loving Life

    Yes, the shrooms are about done here in central Ohio. What a weird year it's been for them. Did manage to find a few earlier in the week, but they were begining to dry up. I may try some this weekend, in hopes the recent storms brought some up, but I'm not all that hopeful.

    Good luck up north.
  4. Found 13 more this afternoon with the kids. They found almost as many as da. My best spots are just starting to produce.
  5. Hey could not make it out fishing today so stopped north east corner of Delaware County and found three nice patches of shroons. One spot pretty fresh other two spots been up awhile!! Got over 1500 this season!! Heres a picture to help get those mouths watering. Just wore out the skillet before posting this sorry if there are any grease spots on post!! LoL Good Luck!

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  6. That is an impressive bunch of schrooms!! 1500 on the year....that is even more impressive. We had what I would consider a good day Sunday and only found 35. I am lucky if I find 100 over the whole season. You da man!! By the way we did have enough to cook with, walleye fillets with schrooms, venison tenderloin with schrooms, and pan fried schrooms. My 8 year old daughter commented while we were eating..."everything on the table dad caught, killed, or found.....this is a real hillbilly dinner!!!!!" You gotta love it.
  7. Thanks made me hungry after readin your post. I better go cook up somemore. LOL Had a great year found three real good spots about 4 years ago and between them i usually keep alot of older friends that taught me the ropes happy as well. See ya!!