Any Military people? I need assistance.

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  1. Ok, So I am making a shadow box of all my dads military medals and ribbons. I have come across one that I do not know what it is. any help would be appreciated.

    For further background... my dad was in the Navy - 1957 - 1967 (Deisel and Nuke submarines) and the Army 1967 - 1978 (Transportation, i.e. boats.) He had 2 tours in Vietnam. 68-69, 70-71.

    Hope this help, so I can finially figure out what this is.

  2. 20 years Air Force here and still going strong. I cannot see the pictures here at work because they block them Can you describe it to me?

  3. i have some guys working on it for you to figure it out will let you know asap

    ok i asked around
    some said it might be an army transportation badge but they have never seen one like it
    another said it might be Vietnamese insignia
    if any more answer for me i will let you know
  4. May be part of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club thing. The outer ring of gears is like the Naval Engineman badge (diesel and gas), the anchor screams of Navy, and the sail over the anchor looks like one of the pictures used by some ship crews who were part of the TGYC on their moral patches. The wings are what look weird and make it most likely an un-official badge, much like the ones crews will have made up for moral purposes. From the dates, he was in the Army during Nam but the engineman thing would have been from his Navy days. It wasn't a Korean War thing (ended a few years before he enlisted), so it appears to be a moral badge...not necessarily one any US service issued. Good luck, let us know what you find out.
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    the wings=airdale, the gear=mechanic, sail and anchor=naval

    so my guess is some kind of naval aircraft mechanic pin
  6. try this site i found alot pics of my g pops medals
  7. while in Vietnam and Thailand I had to wear the insignia of the units I was attached to...if was a advisor,,MACV...or on a ...PBR ,,with the Vietnamese.He probably whore their insignia
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    just wondering what you found out?
  9. Itfd596,, If you have no luck id'ing that here , if you are near one of the old PRO gunshow locations you can take it there and talk to one of the military medal collectors and he will tell you what you have. A few years ago I took a cigar box of forein mostly German, Soviet medals I inherited from a former renter to the Columbus show and that guy ID'ed them all and appraised each for fair mkt value so I could put them on internet auctions ect. . I think he charged me like 15 bucks. OGCA also has several collectors of them if you are near one of there shows.
  10. So far nothing!!! I have a lot of assumptions, but nothing concrete yet.

    If all else fails, I will find out Christmas morning when I give it to my dad. I will let you all know then, if nothing happens before then.
  11. I was air force and dont know a lot about navy decoration but I do know that there are a lot of patches, etc. out there that are not official regulation and just keepsakes or something you would decorate your civilian jacket with. Many times they do have meaning and are unit, job classification or location specific but are not official. I may be wrong but thats what this looks like.
  12. Thanks for the help everyone. Here is the answer.

    It is a Vietnemese Army Transportation insignia.

    It was given to my dad by the vietnemese ary for training the troops.

    It would never be worn on his Class A uniform, but it does have a lot of sentimental value.

    There you have it... all I had to do was wait to ask on Christmas.
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    boy, i was way im glad you found out