Any luck below the dam at alum?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by brideout, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. I think I am going to head out there this evening to fish alitte. Anyone having any luck? I fished the main lake from the shore a couple times last week and only got a few rock bass and crappie but nothing of any size. My uncle and cousin are going with me and my cousin has never caught anything more than a bluegill so I wouldnt mind getting him into some bigger fish. The last time I had anyone luck on alum was in a boat though so not sure if we can get anything going on the shore.
  2. Water level is down, dont waste your time fishing there. Go somewhere else...... PM me if you need a spot to fish.

  3. I fished the spillway this morning, I got skunked but I saw four eyes caught in about a half an hour. Action turned off just as soon as it turned on.
  4. We ended up going up there for a few hrs and caught 2 decent cats 3 or 4lb range, 4 smallies, 2 bluegill and a small saugeye. We were throwing jigs and using soft craws. Everything was pretty small but the cats werent bad.