Any little Walnut Creek anglers???

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  1. I think that the small creek river whatever you want to call it that runs through Baltimore area is the Little Walnut but I colud be wrong....
    Anyway, I have done real well on smallouth in there, but was wondering if anyone in the area catches anything else out of there, or further downstream in Canal Winchester or wherever....It looks like it would hold catfish and crappies where I fish but never have caught any.....We have got alot of rockbass and another kind of sunfish that ooks like a saltwater fish it is so colorful...not sure what it is either...anyway thanks for all the help guys......tony
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    I have floated it way south of you, never tried it upstream. I would bet money the colorful fish is a pumpkinseed, they are very neat looking sunfish, very common around here.

  3. the stream gets more and more silty the further south you go. i have always had way better luck the more north i go. i feel like the darby is a little more rocky so i tend to go there.
  4. I live in the Canal Area and have fished Little Walnut often - I also catch a lot of small mouth most are not very big but fun to catch with the ultra light.
    I belive the fish you are referring to is a Wormouth - I have caught several of them and for the size are great fighters especially on the Ultra light. I have caught a few catfish but very rare and what I call a drum. In all my trips to the creek I have never caught a crappie.
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    I fish the Big nut for smallies. When my dad was younger he fished the little one for carp if im not mistaking. Were planning fishing it this summer, will be a first for me. The Darby is still my favorite creek.
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    Between Pickerington and Groveport is PRIME for big smallies. The stream is filled with a lot of nutrients, which later down the food chain, allows smallies to grow huge. Crayfish, use em. As far as the colorful fish goes, Longear Sunfish for sure. Pumpkinseeds aren't as common in that watershed.
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    Thank you for asking and thank you for telling!! I've always wondered about Little Walnut too. This is what makes this site great.
  8. Thanks for all of the info guys. Love to fish the walnut.......Tony
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    We used to do pretty good south of Groveport near Hayes Rd. Lots of catfish and rock bass. Some Smallies.
  10. Big Walnut Creek - I fished the stretch in stumpsitter's back yard there around Obetz. There is a large diversity of fish - I caught drum, sunfish, small mouth, channel cats, flathead cats and saugeye. Matter of fact I caught every species mentioned above in one 1/4 mile stretch. There is a series of deep runs with a few nice pools just below Obetz that contains some real nice catfish - some over 20lbs. It amazed me to catch a 20+lb shovelhead in an area I can cast across; also many large channel cats up to 10lbs. I figured they are a product of Hoover, along with the saugeyes.

    I haven't fished that stretch since 2003. I moved out of C-bus in 2001 and just don't go back to fish it any more.
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    I'm interested, is this area near obetz accessible by the public?
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    haven't waded little walnut for years,but used to catch lots of smallies in the canal area.
    there are bigger shovelheads in big in the 30's or more have been caught from that creek,but they don't come from fact it's just the opposite.the catfish as with other species,are native to the creek and were there before hoover was built.the saugeyes are a different story though.
  13. misfit - for a long time my largest flat came from the bank here - 28lbs! I just figured I would have enough nay sayers posting about 20lb fish in that little creek. I C&Red 3 flats in one night with the smallest at 15 and the largest 23lbs; lost another 15 or so at the bank stumbling around in the dark!

    I have had many nights where 3 or more fish ohio channels cats where brought in. I always did best on large lively creek chubs. Caught a few nice cats on soft crawls, but the drum love them and I think they hide in the rocks - even on 3 way rigs.

    The area I accessed this stretch in is all private property. Although I never knew the owners I parked my car at least a half mile from the water and humped it back there down the edge of a farmers field. I used my backpack to make it easier. Had the popo waiting at my car a few times - never a problem; they said that is a popular area for stolen cars to be "dumped".

    This area has changed a lot I know even though I haven't fished it for some time. Another factory or 2 has been built in the area and it was already experiencing some bad run off from a company that backed up to it.

    I worked at LandAir or Forward Air just a few miles out of Obetz for the 5 years I was at OSU. I just saw the little creek driving to work and in those days I had time to scout and try areas out - I fished up and down until I located some good water. The guy that farmed the fields saw me more than once and just waved. I found that people fished the bridges, but not many fished too far away from the bridges.
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    there is some good catfish water down that way for sure.deeper and more of it than in the upper shovelhead i know of that came out of big walnut was right in the middle of columbus around main st. in the skinnier water,was about 35 pounds.pic was in the dispatch several years ago.
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    I can almost smell the creek from my yard. There is a little creek that runs through our neighborhood. When the water is up in BW the fish come up that little stream because it's clearer. I've caught all kinds of fish out of there.

    There are some nice holes above and below the riffles above the Groveport Rd. bridge. My uncle used to fish that stretch and has caught many shovelheads over 30 lbs. He had a picture of one posted in the Dispatch back in the 50's or 60's. I'll see if I can dig that up.

    I've caught tons of channel cats over 5lbs. I've caught carp that I didn't weigh, but they were pushing a yard long. I hooked one once that rolled to the surface and broke my line. It was the biggest fish that I have ever hooked.

    I've been fishing that stretch of the creek since I was a kid and have caught just about every kind fish imaginable.
  16. I've fished the Baltimore area, caught some good size small mouth on spinners. I've also caught rock bass, a few decent size, maybe 10-12 inches.

    Last summer I was bottom fishing another deep hole hoping for cats, something grabbed my line and took off like a rocket. Whatever it was, it was awful big and ran me up under some tree roots along the bank and busted the line. It could have been a big ole carp, I suppose. We saw a few swimming around in there.
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    that's exactly what it was.there are some big carp in those little creeks.and if there's a rootball anywhere near,that's the first place they head.i've some a few the same way.the little creek(sycamore) behind sycamore park in picktown also has/had some big ones that would give me fits,LOL.
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    Rick, I've been dying to try carp fishing behind my house also in pick-town in Blacklick with my son, whats the best way to rig for them in CLEAR water, baits? Something simple, there is some brutes swimming in there, tried a few times, no luck, kinda like bone fishing since there isn't many holes you can't see the bottom. Also, how's your health been? I hit 40 this year, 6th year stuckathome(disability), winters are roughest on me, only been in hospital twice since October, the best winter to date, knock on wood. Need to have you show me Hoover some time, or get you out in one of my yaks(I'll keep riverside on speedial) ,we can swap nurse stories!
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    i'm hospital trips for me except hand surgery last year.glad to see you're still getting around and on the water.
    i'd spool up a good spinning reel with at least 12-15 pound flouro,use a small hook with small doughball or some weight,or very small split shot.keep your distance and cast ahead of cruising people sayy,they can be real spooky and tough to sight fish,so landing a bait lightly in the right place,and not letting them see you puts the odds more in your is definitely fun and not a game for light gear in small water where they can get into snags.i liked using ultra light,but usually lost the fight,LOL.
    btw,i'd probably never be able to get in the yak,and if so,you'd probably have to call igel for a crane to get me out:eek:

    btw,when you get a pickup ans set the hook...................................................hang on:D